MAPUTO: Top Zimbabwean Fashionistas are currently in Mozambique where they are a part of the Mozambique Fashion Week in Maputo. Nkanyeziyethu Malunga of GANU, renowned creative Photographer Tinashe Charleson, Zargue Sia, a fashion brand & Gilmore Tee, Media Personality, are the Zimbabweans participating this year at the Vodacom sponsored fashion week. The fashion week which runs from the 1st to the 10th of December 2017, has designers from Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Italy, Mozambique, Portugal, Zambia and Zimbabwe, among other nations showcasing the best talent in the coastal nation.

Mozambique Fashion Week is a cultural and artistic event that for 13 years has been working in the fashion industry with the desire to create and seek new talents and also to expand the industry around the world.
Founded by Ishmael TsakatsaZarguesia (pronounced as zaa-goo- zhar), is a luxury Christian brand that exudes the effulgence of God’s beauty and love. It is an allure of elegance, opulence and a romanticism of royalty. The Zarguesia  brand is a reflection of the aesthetic inner beauty and grace in a man and woman of affluence and excellence.
Conversely, Nkanyeziyethu Malunga is a young self- taught Zimbabwean designer. She entered the Zimbabwean fashion scene with designs that reintroduced an edgy yet elegant twist to both women’s and men’s fashion. In 2013 the brand GANU was born. Ganu is the Ndebele word for the Marula fruit, from where her brand derives its name. Her creativity has caught the attention of leading fashion houses such as Edgars Stores Zimbabwe, where she spent 4 months as an intern. Malunga has showcased at the Intwasa Fashion Show 2014/2015, Durban Fashion Week & SADC Fashion Week. Her designs are inspired by the diverse yet similar cultures across the globe.
Both GANU by Nkanyeziyethu Malunga & Zargue Sia by Ishmael Tsakatsa will be showcasing at the event as part of the PAN African designers participating.
The two designers are accompanied by Tinashe Charleson, a street photographer and video-grapher from Bulawayo who will be documenting the journey, while Gilmore Tee is one of the judges for the Vodacom Designers Challenge at the Mozambique Fashion Week 2017. The media personality is the facilitator for the designers to showcase at the platform.
We have so many talented Zimbabwean designers and it is important that we celebrate them and also give them an opportunity to share their skills and talents with the rest of the world. I am extremely excited to see Nkanyeziyethu and Ishmael’s works being showcased at this years Mozambique Fashion Week. Above all, I am excited to be part of their documentation by Tinashe Charleson and also being part of the judges for the Vodacom Designer Challenge, alongside some respected individuals in the African and European fashion industry.
– expressed Gilmore Tee
We have been loving the feedback and updates they have been giving us on their social media pages and we can’t wait for the lessons and experiences they will share when they land. Such collaborations and interactions are vital for the Zimbabwean fashion industry which needs to grow beyond potential and make a mark in the international market. Do check out our social media accounts for more updates.