Zimbabwe is no stranger to world records attempts, sometimes knowingly other times unknowingly. The simplest and easiest entry to find is typing ‘most official languages by country’ on the google search panel and the Guinness World Records website will confirm that it’s Zimbabwe with its 16 languages (beating neighbouring South Africa which has 11 only). Most of our record breaking achievements have been in sport, particularly cricket, and of course the highest denomination bank note.

Endorsed by the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, the Jesuit Education Office (who are coordinators of the popular AMDG Music Festival), the Zimbabwe College of Music and the Zimbabwean Tourism Authority, ZiMarimba Fest want a chunk of the cake as they attempt the largest marimba ensemble to ever play together. Over 100 schools have been invited countrywide to participate in this event taking place at Prince Edward School on Friday 25th May 2018 from 1000hrs to 1300hrs. The current record is held by Oxley State School of Brisbane, Australia, from 3 November 2016; a record of 108 marimba players, ONLY. This shouldn’t be a mammoth record to beat provided all the resources are there and participants actually pitch on time.

The necessity of this event and the fact that it falls on the 25th of May is no coincidence at all. 25th of May is Africa day and sitting of Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma as the first woman chair of the UA Commission paved a way for other women and young ladies to believe in the power within them to soar for greatness and break boundaries and records. This is why it is even more exciting news that this event will put Zimbabwe on the global watchful eye, focusing on arts and culture, which in turn will shine the spotlight on our road map to ZiCOPA (Zimbabwe Championships of Performing Arts). Organised by 17 year old Zimbabwean marimba player and ZiCOPA finalist Mpiwa Gwindi, Zimbabwean Schools and marimba players will play the popular marimba song, ‘Manhanga’ as a booming ensemble. Among the participants will be Prince Edward from Harare, who are the national marimba champions and current holders of the Trophy; Zimbabwe College of Music, Peterhouse School; Zengeza School; Highfield School; Hwedza School; Still Waters Learning Academy of Ruwa; Hippo of Nyanga, Mutare as well as schools from Masvingo, Marondera and Chishawasha. In addition, there will be participating junior schools like Eaglesvale and Destiny Primary Schools.

The record breaking event shall receive national coverage as it will witness not just melodious sounds from the African-born marimba instruments, but an exciting mini marimba challenge for the participants with amazing prizes up for grabs in the ZiMarimba Fest mini raffle draw, there will also be a celebrity guest appearance! Let’s come out in our numbers and support while having loads of fun at the same time. You can also come through and sponsor the event, making it memorable and a hard target to beat when its eventually the new record. Follow ZiMarimba Fest social media pages for more information and updates.