You will probably be hearing more of this every Tuesday and Thursday from today and my advice is either carry a notepad and pen, or download all episodes coz I guarantee you, every episode is an opportunity to learn. Ok so briefly explaining the podcast concept and content: Hosted by Empress Becca, Microwave FM Podcast is a bite sized series of educational content relevant to Zim creatives and beyond. The name came about after realizing that each episode will be at most 6 minutes long, meaning you can listen to a whole episode waiting for your sadza to heat up in the microwave, or maybe during a commercial watching your favourite soapie, even on a taxi ride back home. This means your world or normal schedule doesn’t have to stop just so you listen to our episodes.

As far as content goes, guest creatives are asked a single question or two which they respond to based on their experience in the game. These responses are meant to build and help mostly upcoming creatives in the game, more or less a helping hand or ladder as we manouvre the #ZimCreative narrative space.  We are big on collaborations and in efforts to keep up our good track records, the Vol. 1 series was produced by Phanas and all the tracks you will hear are also produced by him and we will put up the links everywhere. Lookout for all the episodes on our soundcloud page and all social media platforms. Listen to the introduction episode here: