The build up to the second annual Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards is underway and promises to be even bigger and better that it was last year. News that the Roil brand jumped on the awards band wagon is still the best news in Bulawayo creative arts in my opinion. I’ve always envisioned an arts industry with massive collaborations between creatives and corporates, hoping this one won’t end a day after the awards ceremony. To ensure such collaborations hold, it’s up to us also to support brands that support us, let’s get those Roil products by their numbers on supermarket shelves.

We’re still excited about our nomination and to top of the first few reactions to the news, here is why you need to vote for us and bring it home. We noticed how the wording is Outstanding Online Media as opposed to the traditional ‘best online media,’ and with this similar energy I’m going to say in brief what makes us stand out. First of all we are grateful to be nominated in the media category with such big brands as Fokus Mag and Urban Culxure Mag, together we are documenting the Bulawayo bits of the Zim narrative for the world. Now, this is why you need to vote Umthombo iConnect:

       1. Uniqueness

Browse through the Media category and you’ll notice that our official colours are different from our fellow competitor nominees. Both Fokus Mag and Urban Culxure have a theme of the colour blue whereas we are splashed with orange. Already we have stood out of the pack which makes it easier to identify and vote for. Orange is also the theme colour of the official sponsors, coincidence? I think not. Oh, we also the only nominee not recognized as a magazine, vote for us and we could rebrand to Umthombo iConnect Magazine next year (and maybe add a little blue somewhere on the logo too).

       2. Position

Hope over to the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards voting platform, scroll down to the Media category, what’s the first nominee you see? Yep, that’s right, vote for that one. We are already positioned first on the website, trust me, that’s the sign you’ve been waiting for from Mama, do best.

       3. Birthday prezzy

May is our birthday month (we turned 3 over the weekend) and we are still open to presents. This could be the best gift from you to us as we continue to uplift the arts and culture narrative in the city of Kings and Queens.

       4. We are good at what we do

Ok so the above points are valid with a bit of relaxed tone and play because that’s what creatives do, but at the end of the day we’d love for you to vote for us simply because you appreciate our work. This makes it easier for us to grow and do a better job. Let’s take it a notch further, give us feedback on our previous projects, tell us what you’d like to see happening from our end over the next few months, let’s engage, dialogue, share ideas, among other things. We don’t just blog, we work on literature projects, audio dramas, visuals, among other things all in efforts to push narratives and Bulawayo as a creative sector.

That’s that about that, vote for us through the #RoilBAA website here under the Media category or follow Byo Arts Awards on Facebook and Twitter, then inboxing the following message in this format:


Genre/ Category: Media – Outstanding Online Media

Artist/ Act: Umthombo iConnect