All deals are going to Harare. We do not have enough support. Bulawayo arts industry is being marginalized. Sounds oh so familiar isn’t? If yes then you are probably from Bulawayo or you are friends of Bulawayo. These have been the verses of the #SupportLocalContent anthem in the city and I must agree, some of it is true. This here isn’t meant to justify anything or maybe amplify the chorus, no. Today i’m here to point an opportunity.

The Bulawayo Music Carnival has been pegged for the 4th of June 2016 at Hartsfield Tshisa Nyama, the first of its kind by the way. This venue is usually the destination for International acts that grace the city and the capacity is never that bad.  I for one believe it was strategically picked for the carnival not because of the large number of artists line up, but to observe the attendance and support we will give such a huge line up of Bulawayo artists. Such a Big stage also gives artists the opportunity to prove why we need to pay attention to their craft and attend their other shows. Another interesting development (according to an interview done by Rumbidzai Mbewe with Babongile Sikhonjwa) is that the stage will be set just as it is for International acts hence for the artists its ‘bring your A-Game.’

The line-up is the most interesting part of the whole carnival. It’s such an amazing blend of gender, genre, and artistry. Variety surely is the spice of life and you’re most likely to try out another genre after the carnival. Hip-Hop, House, R’n’B, Jazz, traditional dance, poetry, and many more. As if the line-up couldn’t get any better, we have Arthur ‘Ace’ Evans, Joe Tha OG, and Possenti Sikhosana as the MCs of the event! DJ Mellow T, DJ Slimza, DJ Crazy Black and the gorgeous Dj Liz are part of the Djs to grace the decks, while the stage will be set on fire by the likes of the Djembe Monks, Mzoe7, Asaph, Guluva 7, Alaina, TKP, One Stand Band, Antivirus, Simunye Simunye, Lady Tshawe, Khuliyo and Sandra Ndebele among a lot more.

Carnival starts at 12 noon and the admission is $3 for the general and $20 for the VIP. Come lets #SupportLocalContent. This is just one of the many events in the city this month. I know my team and I will be getting down to some Bulawayo talent on Saturday! Oh yeah, on the slider is Lady Tshawe, she’s one of the artists to look out for!