If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if I follow @diaryofsmurfdinkie on Instagram, I’d probably be a shareholder of that Instagram. It’s next to impossible to come across her profile and scroll through without liking an image or two and even commenting. Her images alone are enough invitation to follow the link to her blog (where more wows await you). This is why I voted for her in the recently ended Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards (ZIWA 2016). The awards took place on Saturday the 29th of October and as soon as I got the news that Chiedza Mahere took fashion Blogger of the year I was ecstatic.

Looking at the fashion blogger of the year category I was nothing short of impressed with the Nominees. With successful and well respected fashion icons like Mo Handahu, Laurina Machite, Mati Chinyanda, Norma Mwamuka, and Chiedza Dinkie Mahere herself, the category was equivalent to a soccer’s group of death! However what makes Dinkie’s diary one of my favourites is how it’s relatively homegrown. Before I continue this is what Chiedza’s (diary) blog is all about:

I’m building Diaryofsmurfdinkie (DOSD) to become a styling platform, where I’m the person people call to be dressed for anything from day to day or for special occasions. So eventually I want a showroom full of different kinds of clothes (mainly thrift store finds), because that’s really what I’ve been showcasing on the blog besides the designed clothes. Fashion means so much to me, I like how it can help any gender express who they are. Personally the things I wear really express my mood every other day. My personal style is somewhat different. I love colour, I love unique pieces and anything old school. I love the bohemian aesthetic. My inspiration is Solange Knowles, she truly is someone that empowers woman and I respect her for that and her amazing work.

So you see now, fact that she’s advertising apparels of some of the most incredible designers and fashionistas whom the internet barely makes noise about is what we are celebrating. All that the ZIWA Awards were after is a fashion blogger who has made fashion and style accessible to us through an active blog that is appealing and engaging, and packed with ideas for all budgets, this is exactly what the Smurf Dinkie delivers. I also realized that in the category she was nominated, she is the only one whose blog isn’t a dot com and most of her content (if not all) is actually from Zimbabwe.

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate Chiedza Mahere on scooping the award, I wish you success in all your projects moving on. Oh yes, Bulawayo is ready for you too.