Aisha DeBeer’s vision of helping cancer patients in Zimbabwe extends to 2017 as she together with the Fashion Designers Expo Zimbabwe are organizing a dance and fashion initiative pegged for February in Harare and back to Bulawayo in August. The event dubbed the Dance and Fashion “fights cancer” initiative seeks to raise funds for cancer patients in Zimbabwe and offer exposure on their platform for talented artists, designers, models and sponsors. The July event in Bulawayo was in two parts in one day: the day event called “Garden of Hope” and the main event. Now in Harare they are introducing a completely new and innovative concept; instead of keeping it the same as in Bulawayo, they will get all the shops that are in Sam Levy’s Village to take part and show their support in the “Village of Hope.” There is also going to be a dance competition to bring something new to Harare. The main event will be a special evening with a fashion element which will be a tribute to the loved ones we lost to Cancer.

I thought of this because instead of making the money for ourselves, why not make it to help others and bring smiles on their faces? The situation in Zimbabwe is getting tougher so this platform seeks to heal the pain and assist with being recognized in the industry for the fashion designers

– said Aisha, the Founder and CEO of Fashion Designers Expo Zimbabwe

Registration to the dance competition is free and open to all age groups, everyone is encouraged to not only show off their skills but to teach each other, at the end of the day it draws down to cancer, so it’s all about making it count. People are encouraged to participate in groups of at least four and at most eight with the winners being given prizes. All we know about the judges is that they are well established people in the industry who will be mentioned on the day and despite their presence, the top three groups will be selected by the audience. The dance competition will be from 1pm whilst the main fashion event starts in the evening at 7pm, better come early to avoid traffic and missing important announcements prior to both events.

We are super excited about this thoughtful initiative and can only hope that it becomes annual. For more information you can check out or email the event manager  Raquel Fouche  on to take part. On the day there will also be Fashion Designer Expo representatives (Lerose Bismark, Karin Evans Davidson, & Matilda Frank) based in Harare to assist with the program. Also note that the models you will see on the day will come from Top Model Zimbabwe. See you there!

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