The year never ends without receiving a message to vote for so and so to be Miss so and so. In most cases the ladies are either close friends or friends of friends. Of course we vote, its free, we can’t deny friends their dreams of owning the crown. The shows are usually a touch of class from the models down to the MC and performances. So far all is well. My main concern comes after the curtains come down for the night.

There are so many pageants these days that aim at various aspects of life, social mostly. Every college and university, almost every town in Zimbabwe (including miss rural), festivals, organizations, among others. Miss Environment, Miss Professional, Miss Zimbabwe, Miss Urban Culture, Miss Gweru, Miss Bulawayo Polytechnic, Miss this, Miss that. All these assure us that its more than just beauty on the run way, but it goes way beyond. They then need to fulfill some commitment, in most cases a social cause beneficial to communities around them. The most common question asked the finalists is ‘how are you going to impact change in your community or area of expertise?’ or ‘what change are you going to bring about during your reign?’ with most common response bordering on community service and professional development. I don’t know about you but personally I get excited knowing that Miss Bulawayo or Miss Mutare Poly will embark on projects with her community and District. Some (myself included) even draft possible mutually beneficial collaborations and all. However barely a few months after the glorious crowning event you barely read about or hear of any projects being done. At best you see the Diva updating her Instagram and Facebook with the crown. Some might argue that Miss so and so did a cleanup campaign (well Miss Environment is excused lol) or visited an orphanage to donate clothes. Well I’m sorry but those ceased to be projects way back. They are neither sustainable nor projects that someone in that position should be tackling. Its actually everyone’s duty. When asked during their qualification round, none of them ever mentioned sweeping the CBD or donating clothes.

This leads to my question: what exactly are we crowning since beauty seems to be regarded as a ‘bonus’ and not the main agenda? Why not just be frank with us and tell us to vote for the most beautiful ladies and put them on some calendar and move on? Again, what’s missing? Funding? Support? Drive? What? At the current rate it’s safer not to be Miss Zimbabwe than actually being crowned one (well for obvious past record).

All I’m saying is, let us go back to the drawing board and revise our goals. Let’s put control measures and progress reports. Pageants have sponsors willing and ready to assist in whatever projects that need to be done especially those beneficial to the community. Above all, we are here for service. We voted so that we can help you help yourself and others. Let’s work. Show that you deserve the crown and more. Be an icon. Make us remember you after the crown moves to the next lady. Challenge her to fill your shoes and crown!