If before today you didn’t know about Vuyo Brown, it’s high time you acquaint yourself  because when she launches her debut contemporary gospel album “Grace Fulfilled” this Saturday, you’re gonna want to say “I know her!”
Born January 1992 in Bulawayo, the beautiful young songstress stole the hearts of many when she and her little sister would perform for her parents and just about anyone who was willing to watch.

I always struggle to pinpoint when i started singing because i have just  always been singing. By the time I was learning to play the flute at 9 I had already started

said the bubbly Vuyo Brown

This was the beginning of an (as yet) unknown journey to becoming one of the most unique and creative gospel musicians of our time. No kidding. Her sound defines contemporary with a dose of raw Zimbabwean flavour and this new album is no exception. Before hearing it, the idea of an Electro gospel track was not even in the scope of our imagination but her track “Tichatamba” made believers out of us in more ways than one. It IS gospel after all, lol.

Grace Fulfilled is about God perfecting his ministry in me as He did Aaron and his sons in Leviticus 8, an anointing to begin and anointing to fulfill. It’s basically an introduction of Vuyo Brown to the world

she proclaimed with fire in her eyes.

With music that defies the norm, that transcends beyond traditional gospel music, a contemporary sound that will have you on your feet or at least bobbing your head, the album is as fulfilling as it’s title. It also borrows from traditional Zimbabwean music with elements of mbira and so much more. The message in the music is one thing, but what’s even more beautiful about it is the delivery! Who said gospel music couldn’t be fun and inspirational at the same time. Have a listen to one of her fun dance songs “Bless me” and I dare you not to agree. Saturday 30 June 2018 is the perfect time to sample and OWN all this music and more as Vuyo Brown’s intimate album launch event starts at 5pm-7pm at Tech Village (2nd Floor Kingdom Building) in Bulawayo. At a humble entrance fee of just $2, everyone who attends leaves with a CD of the new album “Grace Fulfilled” and gets to witness an exclusive performance by the lady of the moment in her element.

This album won’t just be enjoyable, but an experience, a journey, a fellowship with the Holy Spirit. It’s a cliché but that’s the whole reason for gospel music, to lead people to their primary purpose of glorifying God

she continued.

Grace Fulfilled is a compilation  of  songs that basically cover the life of a believer; giving one’s life to Christ, the struggles of the walk and the joys of loving God.

I started singing professionally in 2014. I had no desire to sing out of church but took the step after a prophecy directed me. My pastor described what he was seeing in my future concerning music, I then made a conscious decision to learn more and break out of limits I’d put on myself. By grace I have learnt from great musicians in Bulawayo. I sang with Destiny Praise for about a year, I was part of the brand JPM for a while, whilst I sang in With One Voice, and lastly Creme Voices from 2015 into 2016. I love being surrounded by amazing voices because I love learning

Her desire to be surrounded by amazing talents is also what inspired her album launch to become a collaborative effort with Multimedia and production company Early Entertainment who have in the past hosted several out of the box film, theatre and music launch events which always take the city by storm and leave people talking. Can anyone say “Voices in My Head” Premiere, or more recently “The Lost Letter” movie premiere. Still not convinced? Look up Femme By Litso. Those are just some of the few events the team have put together and now Vuyo Brown’s launch joins the fray as the singer’s first album makes its long awaited debut to the world.

I released my first single ‘NdiJesu‘ in July 2016 and it stayed on the Skyzmetro Gospel Top 10 for quite a few weeks.
I had started writing the song at the end of 2015 when my mother was ill, telling her not to think too much and that God knows, He’s watching and He’s able. I finished it after she passed on, now speaking to myself. In the song I mention a phrase I took from Chiwoniso’s famous “Mandirasa” of how I felt. These are the components that made up that song. That even in the most tragic of times, in pain, in crisis, Jesus Christ is saviour and is still the answer

This is why I sing gospel music. It’s a way I can administer healing and restoration to somebody because my God heals. It’s an added bonus that I get to praise and worship Him at the same time

she said in a passionate breath.

I am yet to work with artists I admire from Bulawayo and beyond. But in this new album expect to hear a song with Carlos Jiri called “Daidzai Jesu”. I love this song, not just for its message of how majestic God is and how He hears us and moves to fight for us, but also because the sound is what I call an authentic Zimbabwean sound. I am in love with that sound. You find it nowhere else in the world, so quite a few songs in the album have that sound.

The positive feedback I have received from the public since 2016 has been astounding. It’s an inexplicable feeling when someone tells me how they’re affected by my music. It’s encouraging. So I hope “Grace Fulfilled” has the same effect.

This is the story of Vuyo Brown. Now at her album launch this Saturday you can safely say you know her.