From Bulawayo to the world. Actually scratch that, it should be from the world to Bulawayo. Everything about that concert was world class. The lighting, collaboration and coordination were out of this world. You won’t even believe Othnell Mangoma and band fusion only practiced for a few days prior to the show, their execution and confidence was swift. Percussionists really need to be protected and marketed, their catalyst contribution to live shows is magical.

Young Nyasha set the ball rolling with a few tracks from his upcoming album. He is a young artist but his performance showed that he has what it takes to learn from those ahead of him in the game and build from that, another great in the making for the city of Kings and Queens. This show was more about experience than anything else. Both Vusa and Nkwali are based in Europe and even so, you could still feel a lot of ‘Bulawayo’and Zimbabwe in their performances.  Nkwali’s performance was received with cheers and sing-alongs by the crowd, some even helped her dance on stage. This (crowd engagement) is something you don’t find in everyday Bulawayo shows. Another interesting take on Nkwali’s set was how most of her tracks are in imbube and yet she had no trouble producing the exact replica of what you’d hear on a recorded device. The live band was nothing short of amazing, something that other local artists really need to invest on this year moving forward.

Vusa Mkhaya’s set was plastered with home grown pride and that ‘I’m from Bulawayo’ element. That Ngikhulel’enkomponi track that opened his whole set was too nostalgic to just clap hands and hum, you had to move  and relive your childhood. Can I just quickly bring it to your attention that Vusa is a beast on the dance floor, with his nephew by his side they are unstoppable! (Click here to watch his nephew in action). I can definitely put my money on everyone involved in that show to pull of a world tour and represent Zimbabwe. To those who always say Zimbabwe doesn’t have a sound, attend any Vusa and Nkwali show, your question will be answered. With a bar set so high, I can’t wait to see what Hwabaraty has in store for us this coming Saturday for his latest Live DVD recording. What a way to kick start the year! Just to show you how much you missed, here is Vusa Mkhaya’s nephew turning up, take notes!