Multi talented singer and choreographer Ricco Andrews affectionately known as the Vinnie King dropped his much awaited E.P dubbed Born International and it is nothing short of a masterpiece! After causing slight controversy on a Zimbojam article where he referred to the recently ended Intwasa Arts festival as ‘traumatic,’ the Vinnie King proceeded to urge Bulawayo artists to unite and work together which sparked an interesting dialogue on the topic on twitter. He did not disappoint though as he dropped his eight track E.P on the said date. After listening to the album, we had more than one possible explanation why he could have named it born international.


Born International EP Tracklist

The E.P starts with a prayer in the form of a song titled ‘Guide Me,’ where he is asking God to lead him on his music and life journey. This along with track three titled ‘Ungakhali’ could be the prayer he called for at the city hall. In ‘Ungakhali’ he is sharing the gospel of patience and assuring that better days are coming. The second track (Thousand miles) confirms that he is on a journey, probably coming home form the international residency. A Ricco Andrews project wouldn’t be complete without a lil something for the ladies, in this case its called ‘Good Morning,’ where he is just acknowledging them for their grind in the four corners of the world. Track six has a hook borrowed from Prince Tendai’s ‘character‘ which he also titled character. The E.P includes a skit (Born Kings) where he acknowledges working together with other Hip Hop artists to propel the genre in the city and beyond. Last but not least he adds his hit song ‘Handikanganwe’ as a bonus track, which we also hear has a banger of a remix (featuring Gweru’s very own Sleekstar) which we are waiting for eagerly.If you would like to be part of this remix video here is what you have to do. To show his gratitude he ends with a ten minute outro of shout outs to everyone who has been supporting his grind ever since, yes ten whole minutes!

What one will quickly pick from the lyrics in the E.P is the hope attached to every song and a call to unity moving on. This definitely has a radio feel and we can’t wait to vote for the tracks on local and international radio station charts.  We’re hoping he does a video or two for some of the tracks as we wait for his documentary. If you still haven’t heard the E.P worry not, you know we got you, stream and download here. Happy listening 🙂