EndChildMarriages Short Stories Cover Hello there. Our short stories anthology is out today! The theme is child marriages and we titled it ‘Martyrs’ to try and depict how young teenage girls are sacrificed supposedly for the good of their families and themselves. Most families marry off girls at tender ages to protect them from pregnancies outside marriages, rape, prostitution, to square off debts, and to do away with poverty through the dowry money. In most cases (if not all) the girls have no power to negotiate their way out of the arrangements. Ignored are the facts that the husbands who are usually twice the ages of their newlyweds might abuse the girls psychologically, physically and also the girls aren’t able to negotiate for safe sex. These are the things that this anthology tries to capture.

We are very grateful to the contributors who took time to script down a story or two for the anthology. Since it’s our first anthology, contributors came from four countries; Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. Hopefully we will get more countries in our next anthologies. Special thanks to ZuluCowboy Designs for designing the layout of the anthology.

You can download your copy here. Do give us your views and comments on any of our social media platforms or send us an email on info@umthomboiconnect.co.zw. Happy reading.