New month, new music. Not just music but good music. This year I promised to profile and review creative art from emerging artists more that established ones, my own efforts of getting their art out there and broadening their target market. Today Truce (Shinga Magede) drps his first single of the year titled Ride With Me, in preparation for his debut EP in April this month. The 18 year old musician and co founder of ReFiled Records is still fresh in the game and has been doing a bit of learning and collaborating, learning the ropes and maybe this is his breakthrough year.

 I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to have time to completely focus on my craft and now I’m ready to share the final product.

– Truce.

Earlier he released two promo videos for this upcoming single which was received in positive light thanks to the good visuals it presents.

 I’m glad people are vibing to the promos because there’s now an anticipation and I’m excited for it. I don’t want to disappoint I’m making sure I deliver.


A valentine song; maybe, maybe not huh? The song is an invitation between two companions, maybe lovers, to ride together and marry their individual destinies to become one. You are asking them to go al the way with you,a jam that could actually bump in your car enroute to your baecation. The single was recorded in his home studio in Harare. Like his previous works, the song is was written and produced by him. This is probably the sound to expect in his debut album which drops sometime in April. His flawless ability to fuse hip hop and pop genres is what I think will set him apart from the rest this year, a joy to listen. You may have come across his cover of Takura’s Jehovah and Pentatonics’s New rule. Definitely an artists to keep your eyes on this year. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram on @Truce_rf or @TruceRF on facebook. You can listen to his new song here: