There is a new kid in town who’s bringing all the goodies to your front door. In case you missed the memo, Zimpapers Television Network is the new cool baby and yes, it’s going to be a real game changer. The network has a variety of programmes to feast on which cater  for everyone. For those who love to have a good laugh, get your medical aid cover up to date because Pachiteshi will leave your ribs in fragments. Lovers of deep  insightful political conversations will have a treat of Our Conversations whose episodes will keep you glued to your screens and most probably have you visit social media to engage on the rest of the dialogue. Entertainment, automotive and tech geeks are  well catered for as programmes such as C’est La Vie, Glam Watch, Ingoma and Rev Torque are also available on the line up.I bet you are wondering what about those who love to watch movers and shakers in the world, does ZTN have something for them?  Well, when the ZTN crew said they brought a whole package they weren’t kidding. My recommendation would be you watch “New Normal.” Ok, here is what to expect:

The New Normal profiles women who are doing extraordinary work  in the sectors  that are often male dominated. These women are defying the odds and making strides in the industry. For example, in the first episode we get to see a female stone mason, imagine that for a minute! In the following episodes we meet fire fighters, a  lieutenant  co-pilot and (my personal favourite) a refuse truck driver, these  are all women. The refuse truck driver episode left me in tears, as she related how she was just a street cleaner and during work meetings she was inspired by a co-worker to attain more. This made her work hard and she attained a Class 2 drivers licence and applied to be a refuse truck driver at the City of Harare Council. In the interview she shared that through her hard work she has managed to send her son to school in Russia and even bought herself a car. From this episode I learnt that perseverance and hard work do pay. I also learnt that one should always dare to dream because impossibility does not exist.

That said, here is the link to Tracy Chtsama’s story as a Stone Mason. You can see all other inspirational episodes from there.


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