In times when slender young man seem to be having the trending bodies, we caught up with one young creative man from Bulawayo who seeks to remind us of why muscles are an added advantage on any body. Thabo Ngulube shares about his come up as a body builder and his supplements that he reckons are guaranteed to feed into your success. Let’s take notes:

Umthombo: Who is Thabo Ngulube?

Thabo: Well, Thabo is a young man who has been all about school since grade 1 up until he started  his first year at the National University Of Science and Technology (NUST) where he found beauty in muscle pain, that is when he started pumping iron and never stopped since then.

Umthombo:  How do you balance body building and your studies?

Thabo:  There is really no link between finance and body building but, at the end of the day, it is all about getting the work done. You need to do your assignments, you also need to be in the gym, at the same time you cannot choose one thing over the other. At the end the more you work out the more you refresh, thus gearing up your brain.

Umthombo: Why is body building important?

Thabo: Well, apart from the obvious reason, of making people healthier as muscle is better than fat, you can actually avoid diseases such as diabetes. Also partaking in body building can attract a steady income from professions such as modelling and being a personal fitness trainer. Basically it is for health and wealth purposes.

Umthombo: Myth: When you stop lifting weights your muscles will hang on your body. How far true is this?

Thabo: Possibly true, If you stop training you drop since you are no longer doing what you are used to in order to gain, but there is a way of slowing muscle loss and keeping your gains through the use of BCAA which are branch chained amino.

Umthombo: In terms of bodies, is there a specific body posture set up one needs to have in order to gain muscles?

Thabo: It is not posture but genes. Are you: endo (fat); ecto (thin); or mesomorph (well built)? To see what is required to reach that physic you desire, you need to know which you need most between high carbohydrates, high proteins, etc. Once we know that you can reach any body you want.

Umthombo: You have contested in a number of competitions such as Mr Novice, Mr ZITF and Mr Zimbabwe. What criteria do they use to select the champion?

Thabo: When you are onstage the judges are all about symmetry, conditioning, muscularity and muscle maturity.

Umthombo: As far as body building is concerned what has been your biggest achievement?

 Thabo: The greatest achievement so far is teaching myself discipline because without discipline in body building you will not get a kilo of muscle.

Umthombo: Take us through the journey of muscle rage as a brand?

Thabo: Well muscle rage is another story which needs a full day but all I can say is we started from scratch getting to know clients and the game before we even thought of going big. Now we in four cities, Harare being the biggest. We are also going into gym apparels: vests, shirts, hoodies, tights and so on. We are going to be sponsoring all body building shows which are to be held in Zimbabwe as we know that without these athletes we will not go anywhere really because they are the ones who also support us.

Umthombo: What led you to commercialize muscle rage?

Thabo: The main reason was the support we were getting from all guys in the body building fraternity across Zimbabwe that made it a necessity for us to draw closer to them.

Umthombo: What is your biggest motivator?

Thabo: I get motivated by the thought of knowing that there are some physics which are hard to attain but if I put my all I will attain them.

Umthombo: What advice would you give to a person who wants to work out?

Thabo: hahahaha you will never grow without taking supplements ,know what you want and we take you there.

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