I read somewhere that if you see a woman cut her hair she’s about to change her life. She’s about to tell a story like no other. This was the very first thing that came to mind when I heard that Rebel Film Productions was re-branding and saw that the new logo dropped a lot of weight from the previous one (yes us creatives link everything like that). I saw stories being told moving on, stories that will shake the arts creative industry in Zim & abroad. As if some sort of confirmation that the Rebel Film Productions team was in my head, a week later they announced an upcoming movie titled “The Lost Letter”. You may remember Rebel Film Productions from the award nominated horror movie “Moonlight Cross” in 2014 & several short films which premiered to a full house at the now defunct Rainbow Cinemas in Bulawayo Centre when they partnered with Harare based Invision Studios. Let’s not forget their award winning animated films as well and who could ever forget the charming fat elephant Jumbo, the youth games mascot who sprinted his way into our hearts ever so nicely. Yes, that’s ALL them. In their upcoming feature film they partnered with Early Entertainment which has been doing the most in filling up venues with their theatre plays like “Voices In My Head” & more recently started an ongoing online series on Facebook titled “Notes from my Journal”.

Now to the real exciting stuff, “The lost letter”. This is promising to revitalize the film industry especially in the practically cinemaless Bulawayo for so many reasons. Can old lovers stay friends?Firstly there are some familiar faces not new to our screens like Donna N, Annie Maliki, Terrence Faizil, Exult Ncube and Lady Tshawe, who’s experience in the industry surely gives the production that thing, yes? From the trailer, the film is about re-igniting long lost love. It should explore the challenges & excitement that follows reunion of companionship among lovers. My curiosity was quick to question whether the two old love birds continue from where they left off or are going to square one as friends first then replay the love strings to the last love chords? But wait… the girl is MARRIED?!!! Happily no less. O-kay. Just from those few scenes in the trailer, you could feel the combination of love, confusion, betrayal and drama to be expected. What more with the immaculate voice of Rudo Amor (which fits so well in the trailer by the way) screaming “I need a saviour” Looks like our leading lady Donna N’s character is in for quite the crazy ride. That’s not all when it comes to music… at least according to the trailer credits. Looks like the Nkulumane boy Luminous and the Afro Pop sensation MJ Sings will also bless the movie with their music. Talk about rallying up some epic Bulawayo talent!

Did I mention the movie is directed by Mhle Nzima and co-produced with Elliot Moyo? Last time a production was directed & produced by the city’s 2 youthful creatives it went all the way to the NAMAs, and that was just this February! I can’t wait to see where this one goes… but it’s definitely in that direction… and maybe beyond. So I called the guys up and apparently the Bulawayo premiere is set for the 13th of May at Elite 400. I know it’s next month but that still feels like it’s so far away for us to see the rest of this movie! Tickets are already out so go get yours ASAP & avoid the last minute rush. Let’s all want to say we were there when the award winning film premiered. I will most definitely be there and have the red carpet selfies as proof.

You can watch the trailer here & follow @RebelFilmPro & @EarlyEntertainment on Facebook for more updates & what to expect.