Rebel Film productions and Early Entertainment continue to shine in their road to being the benchmark of film and theatre in the country as they always leave crowds asking for more. Arguably Bulawayo’s biggest movie, “The Lost Letter” filled up Elite 400 cinema in its premiere on the 13th of May leaving the public begging for more. Not surprised because the execution on the day was exceptional and professional, which is what we have been craving for the longest time. Proper red carpet event coupled with glamorous fashion, it was a good night to meet and greet with friends and socialites in the city over a good movie (we hope some award organisers were present to take notes).

The movie may be titled “The Lost Letter” but worry not because they haven’t lost anything. As proof, the producers Mhle Nzima and Elliot Moyo have responded to the demands of the people by organizing a series of exclusive special screenings to be held at the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo’s John Knight Cinema from 31 May to 3 June. Not even a failing functional cinema system will stop these two from screening the movie again and again. This time around the venue is smaller which makes for more intimate sessions since the cast and crew will be present for all screenings so that those in attendance can experience something similar to premiere night. The four consecutive screening days will have 5.30pm evening screenings from Wednesday through Friday for the working crowd and a 3pm afternoon screening on Saturday for those who prefer daytime events and will only cost $3.

It’s very encouraging to see how well people received the film and the more they ask to see it again, the more we want to do to make each turn even more exciting. We want EVERYONE to see it, so we’re making the screenings as flexible as possible time-wise and also as memorable as possible

said Elliot Moyo the co-producer of the movie.

Missed the movie? Here is what to look forward to in the screenings: The preview that was released prior to the movie was nothing short of what it offers. “The Lost Letter” follows the story of Sara, a happily married young woman who moves back to her childhood home with her husband Sam and daughter Linda after disappearing for 7 years. There she finds an old letter she never got from her long lost first love Michael vowing to wait for her return to him forever. Sara is then plagued with guilt for moving on with her life while Michael stayed loyal and waited for her. The twists and turns are well thought out and will surely keep you guessing each character’s next move and consequence. Never before has a local movie managed to impress the audience to the extent of having them quote character lines word for word with some audience members even taking to Twitter after the screening and tweeting “Just like Michael,” a popular line which was said by the lead character Sara (Donna N) as she commented on how her sleeping husband was snoring just like her first love Michael. It was indeed a gasp-worthy scene as were several others including one where Tomboy (played by Annie Maliki) kissed her best friend Michael in a desperate attempt to express her long hidden love for him. The eventual result was an even bigger twist as sworn enemies teamed up for a common cause leading up to the film’s climactic showdown.

Not to give away too much since the film is set to re-screen for several more people who never got the chance to see it at the premiere, but everyone in the audience got to find a character or two they could relate to and root for, making the audience’s connection with the story that much deeper.

NAMA nominated actress Donna N putting on one of her best performances to date as Sara, the confused young wife torn between her current life with Sam and her past with Michael. The male leads playing opposite Donna’s Sara, namely Exult Ncube as her husband Sam and Terrence Faizil as her first love Michael put on equally convincing performances which had members of the audience completely engaged in the developing drama of their story arcs.

The thought of allowing your wife to meet her ex is scary but Sam trusts Sara so much that he doesn’t feel threatened by doing it

said Exult Ncube (Sam).

Faizil’s Michael was one of the most convicted characters because his story revolved around him doing something he believes very few men today would be able to do.

The story is shocking like that because as Michael, I got to play this guy who is so very much in love that he waited for Sara for seven years without any proof that she would come back at all. I don’t think many guys out there would be able to do that

he said.

Rounding off the cast was little Madalitso Kuimba who played Sara’s daughter Linda and Lady Tshawe who played Sara’s confidante and somewhat blunt counsellor friend Nyasha. Each of them added a unique flavour to the story and brought a glimmer of hope to the intense dilemma being stirred up by the love-stricken foursome who propelled the story.

That other worldy love story, the desperate feelings a girl or boy can have for their best friend, and the struggles of a husband trying to be accomodating to his wife’s needs all help set up the movie’s dramatic climax and by the time it came to the end, everyone in the audience was just waiting to see how it turned out. The ending scene was met with loud cheers and praise with audience members heard screaming for more screenings as the cast and crew graced the stage to take a bow. “The Lost Letter” seems to have been a very satisfying movie for most in attendence which is most likely why they want to see it again and again, and thank God that has been arranged to happen.

This premiere made me believe in the Bulawayo Arts industry again and I’m happy that we are only in May. Imagine what’s in store for us until we hit December? We are slowly coming up with the blueprint again and you’ll agree with me that even the quality is bordering on international standards so we are on the right path. Shout out to Rebel Film Productions and Early Entertainment for this much needed production. See you at all the screenings fam! Ohh here are some of the visuals from the premiere night coutesy of Ernest Mackina Photography.

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