I recall few months back when Sky City Uno wrote on his Facebook page how he had been having flawless chemistry with Yung Tyran individually and had been discussing coming together. At first I thought this wasn’t the best of ideas as they sounded unique individually, I was so eager to see how it works out. Few months down the line they form a duo and call it Friday Night and recently dropped an album titled Before Friday. Sky City Uno really brought that fire on Yung Tyran’s Better Late Than Never EP so having the two officially bonded could mean more projects from them and ear-gasms for us. This is exactly what to expect from the album.

First class comes back to produce almost half the album after successfully working with the two in previous projects. For variety, Charlie Zimbo also features as a producer on 3 tracks whilst LA Josh produces one and Yung Tyran two (Mr Two Two lol). If you have been following the duo you will notice that Magenge has an extended version whilst legendary and Syabangena off Yung Tyran’s EP have been remixed.

The album kicks off with More action which is ironically what they deliver (less talk more action). You can feel Charlie Zimbo’s magic on the track and on the other tracks he produced: BB King and the extended version of Magenge.  Remember few weeks back as we were discussing Zim Hip Hop in Bulawayo and someone asked where LA Josh is, I guess our chats must have leaked coz he seems to have responded by producing Ngenkani  which by the way is a personal favorite because of the bars. Yung Tyran showed that he’s more than dope bars when he was behind production of The other side and Thul’ ubheke. Seems it’s squad season, Donny chords from Zimbo Music dropped Squad last week and here we see the same title produced by First Class which is one of the chilled tracks in the album.

The whole album is a fusion of lyrical genius and production beasts in one bag. The low tempo allows you to appreciate the flow without skipping a single track. The trap infused sound that alternates between English, Shona, and Ndebele is also remarkable, suitable for both kombis and home theatres. Give it a listen and tell us what you think, download It here. And yeah Charlie Zimbo is nominated for best producer in the ZimHipHop awards and if you ever want a reason to vote for him, have a listen to this and the singles he’s dropping from his #TYF album. We hope to see a video or two from the album, below is a video of Magenge which dropped few months back but it still deserves all the views! Let’s not sleep on Good Music fam, enjoy.