Last Month we turned one (Yay!!) and half way through our strategy meeting we were hungry (again). No one wanted to go downstairs and get some food for the team so we started asking ourselves how can food be brought upstairs conveniently. Well we blackmailed a team member and got the food that day but still the question remained, “How can we get food to come to us conveniently and quickly too?” A few weeks down the line we got our answer.

Say hello to Genesis Food Store, an online and mobile healthy food store. All you have to do is place your order via WhatsApp or call and they will deliver anywhere in the CBD of Bulawayo. They also have such an appetizing menu which includes, Fruit salads, vegetables, Breakfast & Lunch packs (our favourite), Dinner, kebabs, snacks, and smoothies. All these go for an affordable price of as little as $2. The seven aspects that set their products apart from competitors are convenience, Tasty, Healthy, Artistic, Stylish, Unique, and Classy.

The name genesis was chosen to reflect and signify a “new era,” “a new beginning” in the food industry as well as in the society. Genesis offers customers a unique experience of healthy food concept that is the first of its kind in the city of Kings & Queens and country as a whole. This they offered through a contemporary style with intimate, personalized, comfortable, convenient, excellence and life style high quality service that is adding value in the food industry. Genesis has a vision to build an internationally recognized and accredited food brand that will be a global franchise and competitor.

“We have only one mind set target that is to come up with the best handpicked of every single details of the potato wedges, all types of kebabs, fruit and vegetable salad concept from our branding, packaging, design, decoration, furniture, food, service delivery, presentation etc. to provide unique, fun convenient and comfortable service to our customers,” commented Arnold B Sibanda, the team’s Co-Founder & CEO. Completing the team is Marshal Malaba as the Chief Marketing Officer and William Mudzingwa as the Chief Finance.

To place your order, Whatsapp +263 775 176 103 or call +263 784 242 669. You can also email Check them out on Facebook: Genesis Food Store and visit their website Tech lovers can also download their Application here.