Awards season is upon us again and I’m very honoured to be part of the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards as nominees under the best online media. Big news for our blog and the whole team especially being nominated with the Bulawayo media gurus Urban Culxure who are defending the award after scooping it in last year’s edition, save to mention that their rebranding was top notch and refreshing, evident from their latest blog posts and interactions online. Also in the same category is Fokus Mag, one of the fastest blog to break down the news (sometimes even before it happens lol). So yeah the nomination is a big deal and we are glad to be where we are. That’s not what this post is about though, I just want to share some of the interesting reactions I got after our nomination:

Congrats on your RoilBAA nomination

I know it seems plain like that but it carries weight considering that it came from a fellow creative who’s work I respect and sometimes use as a benchmark for our projects. It’s always a great thing for creatives to find someone who reciprocates your energy, celebrates your victories (no matter how small), and encourages you when you’re down.

Dude, when Tehn and King James said “ … you must not know we winning without a sponsor…” they must have been foretelling our future

This came from one of my boyz, he always uses Zim hip hop references in putting his points across lol. I remember a couple of months when we initially started and needed sponsors to kick off our podcasts and short story anthologies (which were very important narratives, still are actually) but couldn’t get the attention of the appropriate people and almost abandoned them until we decided to just push them on our own. So he was reminding me how our projects are finally being recognized despite the lack of big names behind us like we’d hoped for, which is a celebration worth dancing for and also a motivation to keep at it. We may actually release a couple of shelved projects this year, one is a podcast (hint hint J ).

Haven’t ululated in a while, can’t wait for the 26th

This was my mom after I told her of the nomination. As a creative it’s such a very big deal to have your family as a support system especially in creative arts. Arts are really shunned upon by a lot of people and it becomes hard to grind with additional negativity from family as if the industry kicking you isn’t a struggle enough. Blessed to have family and friends I can bounce ideas off freely, it makes the craft seem less as work and more fun, which makes the products quality.

Sandra Ndebele is nominated again? Is Welshman a model?

This was the beginning of a thread of discussion with my friends regarding the awards. I’m glad we have such dialogues as creatives and recipients of the craft put out by creatives instead of just taking whatever artists and organisers produce, also saw the same dialogue on twitter this morning. This is what we need if we are to improve and catch up with regional standards and quality; we need to critique the processes and standards used. I have no doubt the RoilBAA team take every critiques seriously and improve for the coming year, evident from how big the hype is this year and probably will multiply for the coming years.


Pin 26 May on your calendars and let’s countdown together, remember there are only 1000 tickets being sold might as well grab yours now. We helped you with a short list of creatives to visit for your wardrobe coz the red carpet will be blazing, check them out here. In case you haven’t seen the full nominees list, urban culxure got you, check it out here. Let’s turn up in our numbers and support fellow creatives.