Situated in the quiet ends of the city of Kings and Queens, 121 Josiah Tongogara St, between 12th and 13th Avenues (Near the Cattleman). The gallery is open Monday to Saturday evenings and run by Mr. & Mrs. McDonalds. The gallery houses many artifacts, among them writing accessories, penzo poetry, wrought iron and weld art, batiks, carvings, and cultural artifacts. Most of the artists and authors are from Bulawayo although a handful operate outside the country (mostly JHB & Germany). There is also availability of local magazines such as Stitch and Zim Artist.

The gallery was set up in 1993 by their youngest son after being inspired as he travelled around Africa and appreciating the arts and culture in the continent. Of all the places he visited, Zimbabwe struck as the most appropriate base to start up a curio gallery. He then went to stay in Australia, leaving his mom in charge of the gallery, with the dad joining later.

Despite the stature of the gallery, business hasn’t been thriving as expected. The few tourists that afford to visit the city cannot afford to export stuff. As a result most business now comes from missionaries and American hunters. This has led to challenges in payment of rent, among other things. Working stuff has been cut to two, that is, Mr. and Mrs. McDonalds, of which they also take turns to look after the shop.

For information and pictures of what to expect at the gallery, check out our gallery and IG: @umthomboiconnect