Qhwaya is an emotionally charged series that features the grieving Ngwenya family as they come to terms with the death of their toddler son, there are twists and surprises all condensed into a 2 minute per episode space. It came about when the team decided to reach out to wider audience that is availed by the internet and WhatsApp platforms. The show is packaged and created for web viewing hence the length and writing technique employed are all geared for internet viewing.

Lenny 20160519_003021Qhwaya will be released on a fixed programming schedule, that is, weekly on a specified day a new episode will released. This is consistency that audiences usually associate with broadcast television but as ya-sibo? we have decided to take this approach as we owe it to the audience and besides webcasting is the future, so let’s embrace it. Our various internet platforms will flight the episodes on the specified dates as we have already scheduled them for release, these channels are the Ya-sibo? Facebook and YouTube Social Media pages, so we encourage people to subscribe and like the platforms so they can easily access the series and also get to view our other content. This webseries premieres on the 28th of May on these social media platforms.

Cast includes Leroy Mthulisi Ndlovu (part of NAMA winning Jane The Ghost), NomaQ Moyo, Yvonne Kapuya and introducing 6 month old Lenni B Sibanda. The Cinematography is done by multi award winning artist Philani A Nyoni and directed by Lenni M Sibanda. Watch the Qhwaya promo video below: