2017 had its fair share of dialogue on the importance of radio as a contributor to the music pop culture and an artists career. In as much as radio is very important in propelling an artists career, it’s no secret that it’s the artists’ mandate to push their craft so hard that we have no choice but to notice. Being an underground is a good thing but you can only be down there for as long. What constitutes a great artists is his breaking away from the under ground and staying consistent once in the main stream. This has been the road map for one of Bulawayo’s fastest rising Hip Hop artists, Indigo Saint. His come up is just like the controversial indigo colour which is sometimes omitted from the rainbow, but because it is the brightest in the blue spectrum, you just cannot deny it’s shine. Now to know a little more about your future king.

Indigo Saint is the moniker for Bulawayo born hip hop artiste, Mzwakhiwe Ngwenya. Growing up in the multi cultured streets of Sauerstown suburbs  in Bulawayo and experiencing the 90s and early 2000s Hip-Hop movements, his love for the genre was insatiable from then. In 2011 he attended the University of Pretoria where he was exposed to ciphers hosted by O.T.I. (Only The Illest). From these ciphers, the Emcee in him was nurtured. Those inspired his early works, Saintified, 47th Saint Street, MCMXC, MCMXCi : The Episodes Of Chill and most recently, and the popular Blunt EPs. Indigo Saint’s sounds are comprised of semi heavy tones of Trap and Chill hip hop and in the odd case, a fusion of both. He is the pioneer of a new sound he calls, “Blue Age Trap.” Mainly rapping in English and hints of Ndebele. His style of rap easily blends in with the international expectation of the Hip-Hop culture. His lyrical flow has seen him win an award for Best Underground Artiste at the recently held Zim Hip-Hop Awards 2017, his first award of the many to come.

My music is a reflection of different moments in my life. Every day we live, we write new and different stories into a bigger story book. My purpose is to share those stories through my music, whether fun or painful

– Indigo Saint

Not only is Indigo Saint an award winning Hip-Hop artiste, but he is also an advocate of social change (listen to his 2016 offering the Blunt EP), using his music to advocate and raise awareness on issues regarding depression. He has featured on South Africa’s Cliff Central talking of depression and the unattended after effects such as suicide. The Blunt EP is a dedication to a close friend he lost through suicide because of depression.

Being a true believer in his motto;Observe self. Cav’ self. Know yourself.” Indigo Saint is on a path of self-discovery through spreading the gospel of “Blue Age Trap” from Bulawayo to the world.

NB: Indigo Saint is currently working on his debut album, which will be released mid 2018. Prior to that, he has already released two singles, AUGUST  & SHELWA, which will be going on radio rotation.


  • Winner Best Underground Artiste (Zim Hip Hop Awards 2017).
  • 2016 MTV Top 10 Hottest  Zimbabwean Hip Hop Acts (number 2).



  • Hook’nay Mukoosha; Collaboration Mixtape (2017)
  • Indigo February; Playlist (2017)
  • The Blunt EPs (2016)
  • MCMXCI The episodes of Chill (2015)
  • MCMXC (2014)
  • 47th Saint Street; Mixtape (2013)
  • Kings and Psychedelics; EP (2012)
  • Saintified (2011)

Indigo Saint brings a new sound that will be propelled by the now underground new skool rappers which will even elevate regionally and internationally. Zimbabwe has a track record of embracing new sound but it takes a lot of work to keep it up and market it across comfort zones and borders. Do you think Indigo Saint has what it takes? You can listen to his music and be part of the journey by listening, subscribing, and sharing his music from the following platforms: