You know that feeling you have when you are having your dinner and as you are biting your tongue enjoying the food, dessert is served? This is the exact kind of feeling dished by Anashe Media and Jazz Prosper. We are literally still jamming to Kabhebhi bho which dropped a video not so long back too, and before you know it we are served with #Pidigu. It’s Anashe Media so you know the heat is up! This time Jazz Prosper (Prosper Mutsokoti) proved to us that he is a multi-genre artist by lowering the tempo on his new track. You can still feel the Jazz elements in the song fused with afro beat over some Shona word play.

I am really excited to release ‘Pidigu,’ a song about love, pain and healing in relationships. I thank the production maestro Mono Mukundu and the super talented Dereck Mpofu for producing the record

Jazz Prosper has been quietly travelling and working in studios in Zambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe building his artist profile, which seems to be impressive with each release. Being a multi-genre artists, we can only imagine the names and broad genres he’s rubbing shoulder’s with

 I have an awesome Afrobeat record with Zambia’s Roberto of the Amarulah fame produced by Youngnash and recently Jah Prazah was kind enough to invite me to his studio, we have a BIG record titled ‘Shereni’ due for release soon.

The last half of the year is surely going to be a banger with such collaborations lined up. You can listen and download #Pidigu here and share share share!