Zimbabwe is one country is very rich in creativity and sound collaborations. Every time you walk down the streets, chat with a random person, or log in online you are guaranteed to be wow’d. I remember an interview we had with Chenesai few weeks back when she was asked: what do you think is the national attire of Zimbabwe, her response was simple: It’s the people! I believe Zimbabweans are the best people to have conversations with on any subject matter. Ok now back to creativity, I bumped into a very interesting project done by a final year student at Chinhoyi University pursuing a Bachelor of Science Honors degree in Fashion and Clothing Design. Buhle (commonlt known in the fashion circles as Black Clay), who’s final year exam includes coordinating a fashion event, came up with an interesting concept dubbed Africanising the masquerade.

Here the whole ideas is to introduce a feel of the class and luxury that comes with masked ball events and fuse it with a touch of Africa. This fusion means the event will be affordable and accessible. The spotlight may be on the masquerade masks but knowing Bulawayo, everything fashionable will be on display. So ideally locally available African fabrics like the ankara will be the highlight of the evening with bits of surprises that the curator of the event wanted to keep in suspense. Seeing that this is an academic project, there will be dialogues centered on fashion and the Zim narrative especially where schools play a role in a time where most things are self taught.

The official opening is on the 13th of November at the Bulawayo club and exhibition runs from the 14th to the 16th at the Bulawayo Art Gallery. The event is free and a good opportunity for networking among the fashion fraternity especially towards the year when we are doing a recap of projects and discussing 2018 initiatives. See you there 🙂