Umthombo: Lets kill this curiosity, what does the O in your stage name stand for.
Nutty O: The O stands for operator

Umthombo: Where did you learn patois or patwah
Nutty O: Jamaican culture is a pure beauty to me. The language is what I chose to learn since I am an African dancehall artiste and also considering that the language is made up of African dialects especially from West Central Africa where the Akan and Aga tribe live. I am still learning patwah, more research you know.

Umthombo: What was the first thing that came to your mind when Jah Prayzah showed interest in your craft?
Nutty O: I don’t remember having anything popping in my mind actually, to me that’s normal as far as I’m concerned, its art BUT then working with a big man like him means a lot to me ,I learn a lot and I also gain a lot

Umthombo: What opportunities has signing with MTM brought for you?
Nutty O: Definitely a lot of ground and exposure

Umthombo: So you do music full time?
Nutty O: Not really I am also studying telecommunications.


Umthombo: Internationally, which artiste would you like to work with?
Nutty O: It definitely got to be Brandy Norwood.

Umthombo: What or who makes you better at what you do?
Nutty O: God alone makes me better, my lyrics are a reflection of what I see in the society and life in general

Umthombo: Before we close up what does ABX stand for
Nutty O: It simply means Ability Extension, that’s how you define me. I am an ability extension.

Umthombo: Parting words with your fans #ABX team in2017
Nutty O: Abx fans I love you all, and keep on supporting the grind, Zim flag will fly with the birds. We have this thing lock