After their nationwide Ekhaya album tour and conquering literally every corner of the world, Nobuntu came back home to give us a banger of a video off their latest project. The video Inganekwane, which is the second video off the Ekhaya album after Narini, is a folktale bundled in rhythm and dance, just how our grandparents used to sit us down and manipulate our imagination. Had they (grandparents) been good singers and dancers, this is how they would have told us their stories. Inganekwane (Ndebele), which translates to a story or folktale, is a song about how the creator gathered up all animals and people under the sun, in form of a competition asked them who among them brings goodness to the world. Duduzile Sibanda comes with the first verse, Heather Dube (with very short hair this time J) leads the second, and together (with Zanele Manhenga, Thandeka Moyo, and Joyline Sibanda) they round off the last verse. After various animals come and state how they bring goodness in the first two verses, humans enter the third and give good reasons why they should win the competition:

…siyimihlob’ ehlukene, siyizindim’ ezehlukene, indaw’ezehlukene, amazwe lamazwe. Uthando yithi, umanyano yithi, msebenzi yithi, konke yithi…

We are different tribes, speaking different languages, from different places, we are love, we are united, we are everything as one people… This is a song that fuses heritage with the gospel of peace and oneness. The hook goes ‘kolobetsha’ which is an acknowledgement of attention to the story by the listener.

The video was short in Matopo somewhere near the Amagugu International Heritage Centre, and yes 10th District Music never disappoints on delivering quality projects consistently. We can’t ignore the Ah-Mazing fashion statement by GANU, making the Nobuntu queens glo in the mountains, we really loved the white. The choreography is also simple and well thought out. Special mention also goes out to KoMaseko and Mambasosa Dance Lab for their input in making of the Video.

EKHAYA is homage of all ways African; it’s beauty, the values and our norms as a people. The album is an attempt to leave behind a world and legacy our children will be happy to inherit and preserve. The album highlights on the importance of a place one calls home (EKHAYA). No matter what you do or where you go, there is no place like home. Click here to listen and purchase Nobuntu’s Ekhaya Album and others. Watch the Official Music Video below: