‘JanuWorry’ is definitely a term most  Bulawayo creatives aren’t familiar with. Almost every creative aspect started with a big boom and are maintaining that major kick off. Represent Beats and the squad just released the #NoStress visuals hardly a few days after release of the song. Not the official music video, just the making of the song and putting name to face since most producers aren’t video-genic (ngyazdlalela). I will also touch a bit on the song since I really enjoyed it but never got to say my take on it.

Of course the song is a hit (and will be for a couple of months too) so here basically he is showing (off?) us how he came up with the whole beat and different collaborations. It’s a movie seeing J Cole or Metro Booming showing us the making of their hit songs and beats but when its your boy from the City of Kings and Queens, you know its real, and yes we are going international baby! Basically, he just wanted to show that he is not another fruity loops fingers but actually knows his way around the key board as well.

Now let’s talk about the genius combination of artists on the track. Jay Dumza with the slick vocals, Asaph with the hook (ovyaas), Lee with the melody to seal it into one masterpiece and Bermuda as a ghost feature is all too funny to me considering the Bermuda Triangle Myths about disappearing and ghosting, anyways his role was all too important (you can actually tell when you watch the making of the song lol). Still on about K. Brizzy, listen to his banger with Vic titled I’m Popping here. First time I heard about Lee was from the iL Duce Dynasty record label and I have been following her grind religiously, she’s the present (and the future). Not so many femcees in Bulawayo and Zim as a whole compared to other countries and industries, with the right people on her side she will cover that whole gap solely. Jay Dumza recently tweeted an open later to anyone willing to collabo with him this year, showing his availability and sacrifice form the grind. I really hope a couple of up coming artists grab this opportunity and use it to learn and grow, whilst i’d also love the veterans to play around with a beat or too with the Ndebele lyricist. Asaph stays consistent both on and off air serving hit after hit to further validate that he is the Zim hip hop saviour. This collaboration is also evident of the prowess in story telling possessed by both Jay Dumza and Asaph, despite it being a chilled turn up song, you still get the story.

Represent beats has been grinding and at it for the longest and with such a start to 2018 i’m convinced he’s just starting. Last year he produced some hot jams too, including Yim’lo and Busha bethu, the bar he intends on raising this year. Such videos also make it easier to preserve and market the Zim content beyond borders. Next stop we are roping in fashion designers and hip hop bloggers to document the narrative and keep up with regional and international counterparts. If you haven’t watched the making of the video, here it is below, you can listen, stream and download the audio here.