We managed to book a date with the gorgeous and talented Nkanyeziyethu Malunga of Ganu, a Couture inspired by different cultures across the globe. We discussed her journey through the lanes of fashion, her obsession with head wraps and a bit about marriage. She is our #WCW & WCE even. Here is what she had to say:

Umthombo: Usually when we introduce creatives we leave out some important information, please introduce yourself.

GANU: I’m Nkanyeziyethu Malunga, a fashion designer, animal lover who has secret aspirations of becoming a chef. And a politician in another lifetime.

UM: You’re into a lot of projects lately, let’s start with Ganu, how did that come about?

GANU: GANU was born 3 years ago after friends and family convinced me to pursue my childhood passion of designing and styling. I love how clothes can instantly change ones persona and mood. And if I may help make people feel emancipated, and regal – why not!?

UM: What propelled the re-branding from Ganu creations to Ganu?

GANU: The shift from Ganu creations to Ganu was the need for a minimal, classy and catchy logo/representation.

UM: Which shows have you showcased at?

GANU: Since the birth of Ganu I have showcased at the Intwasa 2014 and 2015 fashion shows.

UM: Which is the biggest personnel/ artist you have dressed so far? And what has been the biggest show you showcased?

GANU: All our clients are big on their own rights. Mbo, Dudu Sibanda and Nobuntu are some of the names on our list

UM: Unlike most designers, you feature on most of your shoots, what could be the reason?

GANU:  Our designs are inspired by a number of factors, from the socio-economic lifestyles paneled over the centuries to the need to introduce futurism in fashion. The old soul in me is expressed hence I feature in most of the shoots.

UM: Which photographers have you worked with?

GANU: I’ve  enjoyed working with KB Mpofu, Cyril Ncube, Fungai Tichawangana and Rudo Mungofa.

UM: Now let’s talk fashion, quench our curiosity: how did the head wrap obsession start?

GANU: The head wrap is a symbol of emancipation and elegance of an African lady. It’s my crown. I’ve always admired the pride, power and authenticity the turban carries. It is part of my identity and the aura I want to spread.

UM: We just recently learnt that you have a twin, care to share about her?

GANU: I like to believe my angels move with me and one of them is in the form of my twin sister, Simosethu Malunga. She’s always had my back. She’s the biological mother to ‘my’ son. I think she’s more social and cool. I just hope she doesn’t see this, she already has a big head lol.

UM: You’re also a co-host of the Lifestyle Magazine TV Show Thatha Wena, anything we should expect from you?

GANU:  A balance of  political, and cultural womanist perspectives are to be expected.

UM: There’s this trending statement that ‘marriage is not a goal’ what are your thoughts?

GANU: We probably need to look at the definition of marriage and its relevance to 2 individuals. That said, having marriage for a goal is limiting to one’s personal growth as the implication is that once married ones dreams and ambitions become meaningless. A committed, loving relationship should be the goal.

UM: What would you say is the recipe to a good relationship?

GANU: Recipe for a good relationship. Unlimited amounts of respect, Season with supporting your partner’s dreams. Stir in a lot of trust and forgiveness, Blend in a lot of laughter and friendship. Last but not least add the key ingredient- communication. Garnish with telling your partner how much they mean to you and serve with “I love you -always!”

UM: Any special guy in your life?

GANU: Hahaha, there is someone ☺

UM: What can we expect from you in the future?

GANU: Part of the future establishments will include a boutique. And in the near future we are showcasing at the Durban fashion fair.

UM: Great, its been such a pleasure having you. Now how can people get hold of you on and off social media?

GANU: Facebook its Ganu. Instagram Nkamalunga and twitter @Nkanyeziyethu.

PhotoCreds: KB Mpofu

PhotoCreds: KB Mpofu

PhotoCreds: KB Mpofu

PhotoCreds: KB Mpofu

PhotoCreds: KB Mpofu

PhotoCreds: KB Mpofu