MTM finally dropped the video to their song “Chekeche” and oh boy, it felt like it lacked that X-factor. Given that it is a dance song, much could have been done instead of dishing out a concept that has been heavily used. The opening sequence of the video serves as an introduction to the MTM team who are clad in suits and driving flashy Mercs, then they start singing. The different artists take turns singing the song and performing what seems to be break dances. Before the fan can even identify what is happening, the set changes to a swimming pool setting where a crowd is chilling in the pool and basically enjoying their time there. Throughout the video, one gets this feeling that it just too busy and hence fail to fully grasp what point was being put across to the viewer. Certainly it might sound too cliché for a fan to demand more in a video because it didn’t tickle their fancy but watching this video felt like drinking lukewarm coffee and still wanting to savour the aroma of the coffee beans, it’s just not there. Some fans took to Twitter to share their views and one remarked that it was too bland or maybe they were just not its target market. Scrolling down the comments on youtube  you can tell that most people weren’t much impressed either.

Chekeche is supposed to be a dance video but not much creativity, uniformity and sequence is seen in the dance moves performed in the video. It also feels like Andy Muridzo carried most weight of the video through his dance moves. What could they have done better? Maybe engage with a choreographer?

A loyal fan shared that they could have developed a dance contest concept and shot the video at a growth point or on an open space. This would have maybe highlighted the “dance” part of the song. Overall out of 10 I can give it a 5 because it is a beautiful song, the cinematography is on point and the artists did their best to make it a “having the best time of our lives” video. The artists were smartly dressed and energetic, also they incorporated the Queen of Bling, Pokello who danced along as JP sang, snaps of Ammara here and there too. If we were to go way back in time and check the quality of some Zimbabwean videos, we have certainly come a long way and this video serves as testament that we are on our way to the top. Imsebenzi ka Blaqs iyabukwa, he really is elevating as a Director. However there is need to engage with creatives or to gain some valuable input to make a video that has that thing and sticks to the concept at the same time.

As the Shona saying goes “Mwana asingacheme anofira mumbereko”, the video was good but it could have been better, much could have been done. As a fan, our expectations are often high and one can only wait and hope they do great next time. You can watch the Chekecke video here: