BULAWAYO: Stango and Nongoma are a music duo who fuse the inimitable spiritual sound of the Mbira with Guitar and a unique blend of majestic voices derived from the Ndebele tradition of vocal music. Their music has a purity and newness that touches the human in a spiritual way. Based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s capital of culture, Stango & Nongoma are a growing name and presence in the music scene. Coming from two separate backgrounds, they both have a story and uniqueness to contribute to their journey together.

Nongoma comes from Filabusi, a Ndebele community in Matabeleland South. She discovered her musical self-singing in church and grew through the desire to experiment with vocals. Inspired by some Afro Jazz woman vocalists she challenged herself to the point of moulding her own identity vocally.

Stango grew up in an orphanage in Bulawayo where he taught himself how to play Marimba, Mbira and some percussion that include the Djembe. He taught himself guitar in an effort to interpret a unique sound that was inside him. On meeting Nongoma, he taught her how to play Mbira and they have since grown and learnt together.


 “Our songs are inspired by a spiritual element that is inside all of us.” – Nongoma

The duo has music that feels like a connection to something that is beyond the human. Beautiful sounds that form a soothing yet haunting experience. An experience inspired by a high power. “Our songs inspire us in their different subject matters, from motivation, our love of music, revelation to questioning the ways of the world today and a call for peace, love and harmony.” –Nongoma

 Their Debut single ‘Phez’ Konke” attempts to speak of that entity that is the guiding force, the force that makes everything possible including creativity and the ability to touch people.

Single: https://soundcloud.com/stangomazw/phezkonke

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzEFv1uwiY8

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