We are oh so Big fans of African print. We decided to celebrate 3 outstanding fashion labels as far as African print is concerned. If you wanna feel good and trendy in African Print then these are definitely the labels you wanna give a ring. Check them out o the social media pages we tagged.

yanai2Yanai –  Arguably one of the fastest growing African Print label in the country, the Yanai Fashion Line is passionate about creating fashion statements using African print. Yanai is an apparel brand of an upscale Afro fusion clothing line targeted at females with an eclectic and adventurous dress sense. The key message associated with Yanai is classy, upscale, and versatile and yet affordable. Print apparel has long been thought of as occasion wear or attire for the more mature fashionista but Yanai believes that apparel in African print is for everyday wear and for every kind of occasion and every age group. “Print apparel can be chic and classy and you can have an outfit in print for a day at the beach, a cocktail party or even formal wear for work. There are limitless style possibilities when you design with African print to defy the long standing stereotype that print is not trendy.” Do get In touch with them on call or Whatsapp +263778241111 for orders and visit their website yanaifashion.com and Facebook for updates.

Tanya1Tanya Nefertari – Tanya oh Tanya! Tanya Nefertari is the brain child & clothing label by Tanya Mushayi, a young Zimbabwean fashion designer affectionately known as Nikko Frikko who is building her brand through social media. She is an award winner of the 2015 Creative Nestling Young African Fashion Designer of The Year. Nefertari meaning Beautiful Companion, clothing for people who want to feel & be treated like royalty & those who aren’t afraid to fashionably stand out. The outfits are super trendy and we know one of our contributors who would kill for one of those Jackets (like the one she is rocking on our slider)! Oh yes, Tanya Nefertari is also cooking a lil something something with #TisuNgodaDzacho ad we can’t help but be excited (we can only imagine the dynamite!). Place your orders via their facebook page Tanya Nefertari and pleasure your eyes on tanyanefertari.com.

samsara2SamsaraAfrica –  These are Effortlessly Chic African Print Samsara offers African print clothing for both sexes and across all ages, handbags, purses and other accessories. Samsara go all out when it comes to Africa print. Sometime back they asked a quite interesting question themed THE AFRICAN TABOO: “Have you ever looked at a piece of African wear and thought “Why, I’d just look silly in that!” Well, what does that question tell you? What does it mean about your heritage?” Samsara are all about heritage pride and conservation, in brief they clothe people in their heritage. Do checkout their Facebook page: Samsara.