Like all social exploits, the empowerment of women has been one of the greatest revolutions of our age. Much like any revolution, it began with heavy opposition but like any change it is inevitable, a wheel in motion. Any revolution needs a vanguard to spearhead its efforts. In that same thread sexual and reproductive health has found its vanguard in Prola Health, a mobile SMS based platform which facilitates access to information mainly to pregnant women and mothers of children who are under the age of five. According to UN statistics, Africa, in particular Southern Africa, experiences the highest number of deaths in terms of maternal and infant mortality rates. As such Prola Health comes in to bridge the gap between the bearers of the Holy Grail – verified and reliable information, and those who need it the most – women.


Due to several factors, amongst which are cultural norms, poverty, and lack of access to ICT, most of these women are marginalised within the rural peripheries and thus cannot access the information they need at their own convenience. To remedy that malady Prola Health was designed to be a service that offers pregnancy and child care Advice via SMS. This platform offers you free and personalized pregnancy advice and allows you to send questions too, after signing up. You get a range of free advice on weekly pregnancy/ baby’s growth, exercises during and after pregnancy, best diet for both parents, red flags during and after pregnancy, and importance of ultra sound scans, among other things. All messages sent are from registered Doctors and nurses since Prola Health is not a diagnostic service. This service bridges the gap between doctor and patient and helps through the pregnancy period. Prola-health was founded and is being led by Kitso Dube, a young female social entrepreneur, committed to leveraging on simple technology to help solve societal problems affecting the vulnerable members of our society. For more information you can contact them on or follow them on facebook and twitter. Also subscribe to their website for constant updates on