Popularly known for his hilarious Madhorofiya skits on social media, King Kandoro raised the bar a notch higher when he launched Madhorofiya Socials which are planned to take place every last Sunday of each month. Held at Moto Rebuplik, the King didn’t disappoint the crowd as he made his grand entrance by dancing to a rhumba song. Judging from his dance moves, I can confirm that if the comedy doesn’t work out (which is highly unlikely) then he definitely has a chance on the dance floor.

Soon after the introduction, Kandoro shared his comic journey and a bit of skits. His not so smooth journey began in August 2015 with help of a friend who owned a camera and his ability & willingness to make people laugh. As expected, one of the toughest huddles was convincing parents that there’s actually a career in the arts sector, specifically in the comic region for him. As part of his testimony, King Kandoro showed appreciation and the volume that comes with support from friends in your career and hustle by giving his friends who’ve been there a token of appreciation, yes you guessed it: nutty squirrel! What would be a madhorofiya social without nutty squirrel right? (as we’re patiently waiting for Dairibord to endorse our ambassador).

He shared quite a number of skits and behind the scenes footage of how successful music videos are shot and also the do’s and don’ts of thrift shopping. He also shared poems namely “Irori Coin” and an ode to his mother titled “Amai”. Both poems were tearjerkers, but it was his jokes that he shared which proved that King Kandoro is daring and meticulous .He tackles everyday happenings, the way of life, politics, love and religion. Through his jokes he makes the listener laugh but at the same time ponder on issues that affect our social being on a daily.

qE79wVjfAll in all it was a fun-filled event, lots of “aha” moments were shared and most importantly it was an honour to witness the beginning of Madhorofiya Socials. Those in attendance can confirm that he is elevating in content, posture, and consistency judging from his social media mileage. I only got to understand why he capped his audience to 50, to do right by the word ‘social’ on the poster. He definitely got the attention and hearts of the 50 in attendance and by the rule of referral, he may need a bigger venue for the next Sunday. Let it be known and quote me in the future: King Kandoro is on his way to the throne, his eyes are on the crown. It’s already his, you just don’t know it yet.

follow him on Twitter: @vemadhorofiya & Facebook: MadhorofiyaRepublik