Over the years we have witnessed the Zimbabwean creative space expand way beyond our borders. If you turn on your television set or radio station, chances are within an hour you would have spotted or heard a local act making strides regionally or internationally. We are blessed that some do come back every here and then to share with us what they have mastered beyond borders and possibly link a creative or two to the same opportunities. This is the case of Macmillan Z. S. Mabaleka, a South African based Zimbabwean actor, dancer, director and theatre maker who holds an Honours in Film and Drama from the prestigious University of Pretoria in South Africa. Over the years he has featured in top theatre houses such as the South African State Theatre, Market Theatre and Baxter Theatre. He is quite the popular fellow on television, especially on DSTv and this is probably where you may know him from:

The Cowboy in the MWEB MotherBuffer CommercialThat funny guy in your group of friends, he is in Mr KlipDrift, Commercial, and he is that cool guy in the Suzuki Therapy Ad.

On Friday the 27th of January, McMillan will be holding a workshop on performance, touching on the art of performance, transitioning from stage, television, non-verbal communication through body language and the use of the body. All interested actors, actresses, dancers, and performers should grab this opportunity and get in touch with Hunnar Management Agency on hunnaragency@gmail.com as attendance is strictly by registration. The event will take place at the Youth Contact Centre Cnr Lobengula St and 8th Ave from 1pm sharp. With such opportunities coming in January, we can only imagine how the year will go for the creative space in Zimbabwe. This great collaborative opportunity is made possible by Hunnar Management Agency in collaboration with Nhimbe Trust and Youth Contact Centre.

Your body is a temple, your voice is the bell. Lend it to those who need their story told more than yours… that is the duty of an actor.

– Macmillan Z. S. Mabaleka