Is it even possible to mention house music and leave out his name? He is the guy behind the hits Handikusiye featuring Shingi Mangoma and Sthandwa Sami which features the gorgeous Tina Masawi, he recently paired up with Jazz Prosper, for this beautiful house melody titled Kabhebhi Bho. The song was aired on various local radio stations on Wednesday and all is on point (I mean, it’s Reverb7).

The fusion of the vocals, instrument arrangement, harmony, and melody is magical. Reverb7 and  Jazz Prosper have certainly delivered on a song that one can repeat without getting bored. The lyrics relate a story of thanks giving to God for a beautiful woman who is loving and caring. The lady is described as Heaven on earth and is greatly loved for her character. Through the lyrics the listener also learns that the artist is in love with the beautiful lady. This song would make you want to fall in love so your lover will dedicate the song if not sing the lyrics to you.

The song evokes feelings of love, appreciation and warmth. It reminded me of young love, when Cupid shoots his arrow and all you think of is how beautiful your person is. Moreover it made me imagine what the video would be like, would it feature a picnic scene, and eye gazes between lovers or it would have a candle lit dinner and balloons to show ones appreciation? This Afro beat song lives up to the title of the track and covers the yearning for good local house music that Handikusiye left a few summers ago. Reverb7’s craft is testament that  good music is like that lingering scent of Arab perfumes which takes time to fade, blend that with Jazz Prosper’s African beat rooted vocals and you definitely have a hit! Best believe we are going to be bumping this in our homes, cars, clubs, until another one comes and we repeat. Anashe Media Group seems to be taking over 2017 and enjoying every bit of the journey. With panted breath we shall await the video release, but until then click here to listen to the track, hoping you will enjoy as much as I did.