Time sure does fly, just yesterday we were sharing about our journey from idea via execution, to our first birthday & here we are again on our second birthday. This has been quite the year especially for the team. Most of the goals we had entering the year weren’t met as we expected but none were cancelled, they were either delayed or manipulated due to environmental changes. Unlike previous years, the team is now scattered due to opportunities and taping other markets, hence most of our tasks are now done via online interaction but that hasn’t affected our quality thank God. We had planned to increase permanent contributors but it was hard convincing people to buy into our dream & vision mostly because of finances. Money is the greatest motivator & you can’t blame someone who wants to be paid for their articles now can you?

We did work on quite a number of projects just like the previous year & managed to produce an audio drama on rape culture which spread the message that rape is a result of rapists & no other reason (you can listen & download here). We had planned to produce another one on child marriages but decided to push it to this year so expect that anytime in the second half of the year. We also pushed back the picture poetry anthology to later this year due to low response from photographers. Seems this will be a busy year huh?

A major highlight of our year was when we partnered with Onvi TV & the untitled263 creatives magazine. Something is brewing with the Onvi TV team & yes, you can watch all their episodes via our website now. It’s our birthday but you get the gifts, so click here to get the untitled263 creatives magazine May – June issue which dropped a few minutes ago and see the moves we’re pulling.

Lastly, thank you for always supporting us and actively engaging in our dialogues on various issues pertaining to arts & culture in Zim and beyond. You’ll notice that we will add a few more tabs and categories to the website in efforts to diversify and touch as much ground as possible. A big shout out to Royal webhosting team for always making sure we’re online, our website has never gone down for any reason! We thrive on feedback so please feel free to contact us and chat about past, present and future projects. We got cake, follow our social media pages on how you can grab a piece.