Amagugu International Heritage Centre will on 14 May 2016 host a Traditional Food and Beverage Expo in a bid to raise citizen awareness on the inherent nutritional value of traditional food and beverages.

The summer and cropping season presents an opportunity for exploration of the various types of dishes that can be derived from cereals and legumes. The Expo will thus feature presentation of various methods of preparing traditional foods and beverages.

The ravages of climate change have seen villagers in rural communities harvesting fewer crops and perpetually exposed to hunger. There has been limited community education on climate change mitigation and in particular the need to embrace drought resistant small grain varieties. With technical support from Icrisat, small grain seed varieties that are suitable for dry weather conditions as characteristic of Matobo District will be on display at the Expo.

Traditional food has inherent nutritional value and is highly recommended for a healthy lifestyle. IMG_20160404_200330Contemporary society has however seen emergence of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) which have been condemned by the Government of Zimbabwe and health practitioners for nutritional deficiencies. Urban communities in Zimbabwe have gradually lost knowledge and skills of preparing traditional foods. This has also been coupled by lack of access to traditional crops as there is limited agricultural activity in urban communities. It is no wonder that restaurants in Bulawayo and beyond have a largely similar and stagnant range of traditional menus. The Expo activity lineup includes exhibition and selling of cereals, tubers and small grain varieties, demonstration of meal preparation and tasting of prepared meals.

The Expo starts at 9am and will only cost you $5 which goes towards supporting local Matobo farmers who will exhibit their harvest. And that’s not all, there is going to be a sun set mountain top participatory drumming session by Drums of Peace to round up the day.

For more information follow Amagugu International Heritage Center on Facebook and Twitter (@amaguguheritage), contact them on or +263 773 017 831.

Mark the 14th of May on your calendar and be sure not to miss out!

Amagugu is located 60km along Bulawayo-Kezi road.