Five words for this body of work: Music You Want To Hear. Finally had some time to listen to KNG BL’s EP which I had been putting off for a free day but the New Year has been super hectic. Thank God I finally made time and glad I’m not disappointed. If I woke up one fine day, logged into social media and saw him claiming that he is what’s happening in Zim as far as RNB with a dash of Afro beats, rap, and trap, don’t be surprised if I back him up. I know it may receive backlash like that Jacquees saga but hey, good music and good music and I’m down for that. The EP isn’t all new with tracks like Mercy, White Tee, and Imma Boss having been released earlier in 2017. I think adding a couple more tracks and stitching up a young EP is just a way to show that he is capable to give the industry a solid package.

The intro is simple and has a nice flow and feel, no need to complicate the project. For me Mercy showed that he is capable of coming up with a solo track and still kill it. This is very important in my playlist considering that most artists especially in 2017 had so many features I started doubting their ability on solo tracks (I mean most tracks in Hip Hop/ Rap/ RNB that really made the waves were collaborations). The next two tracks; White Tee and Ltd. Edition are also solo projects, to show that the first wasn’t just a lucky deep lol. White Tee is so good it was nominated for the best Hip Hop chorus at the Changamire Hip Hop Festival slotted for the 30th of January. Serious work was handled on Imma Boss and Trap Juice with heavy features like Kbrizzy, Mr Lit, Asaph, and Roukie Doub.

This project speaks to the positivity that I am always trying to ooze, the energy I am always try to share with others. it is my hope that people derive some real emotion from project and connect with not just the music but with the message & relatable stories behind the music. Valuable lessons I have gained from this experience so far are that, Its never too late to try something new and we truly are stronger in numbers.


Another very impressive take from this EP is the amazing work of the producers. It’s one thing to be a good musician but without a good producer to compliment your good vocals, the project is compromised. I was introduced to Larynx and his work by Donny Chords back in 2016 and I’m glad I paid attention, he is one of the best to ever do it. Whatever communication they did with KNG BL, it need to be carried forward to 2019, that’s a working formula! Represent beats has been doing exactly that, representing! The No stress hit maker is behind the award nominated White Tee and in all fairness he should scoop it. First time hearing Ivan (on the Moet Freestyle) but I will sure follow more of his work. Other producers responsible for these flames are BeatPin, Silolamkhonto, DJ Marcos, and South African producer COKAYN.

Definitely adding Mercy, White Tee and Imma Boss to my playlist. Support Local Ah Mazing talent, grab a copy from KNG BL for only $1/ R10. Also check out koBulawayo for this and other hits from the city of Kings and Queens.