The Harare Natural Spring Festival has come and gone but the memories and lessons are here to stay. The festival was a first of its kind curated by Kinks & Fros and Langa cosmetics. Nyasha Adler, being a natural hair artist and blogger has curated different events on Hair Meets and other gatherings, but all nothing like the festival. It was more of a trial and error, resources allowing it may turn out to be an annual thing. I don’t even know where I was going with my braids because that venue was filled with natural hair ambassadors and torch bearers.

Unfortunately the sound system wasn’t that good and there weren’t performing artists as expected like typical festivals, but this wasn’t a major setback as the organizing body introduced games and other fun activities. One of the biggest highlight of the festival was the runway which was graced by some very colourful displays of African print and hairstyles which I bet on my last dollar will be trending moving on. There was a question and answer at the end, with the panelists explaining the inspiration behind the creations on the runway. All the stalls were unique in their own manner but ultimately contributed to the natural hair narrative. One which stood out among the rest was the Traditional food stall which I later learnt that its significance. Nyasha explained how she always gets asked about the type of food to eat when growing long healthy hair, and the plug is the food! We even got gift bags filled with African Goodies (Bonus!). Tendai Angela also came through towards the end to bend our backs a lil with some therapeutic yoga moves, too bad I was under dressed for bending but I captured everything for after practice lol.

For a first of its kind event, it was well organized and curated. I could tell that everyone had fun and learnt a thing or two. Personally I enjoyed and was motivated to keep my crown, the whole event made me realize how beautiful we are in our own hair. Thanks to the festival, I now know where to buy natural hair products and ways to look after my hair in a healthy manner. I have no doubt next year it’s going to be bigger and better. Here are some of the images from the fun we had:

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