So you’ve probably seen TechFest posters and calendar event notifications making rounds on social media and you’re probably wondering what’s up right? Let me gather all the information in one article and explain what the craze is all about and highlight why you should be excited. In the coming 2 weeks our social media accounts will be buzzing with anything and everything tech as we draw closer to the technology festival. First a breakdown of the festival:

Themed Collaborative Brilliance: Together Towards Tomorrow, #TechFest is an annual 5 day event and multi-venue event run by The TechVillage that will introduce and explore new local technologies and innovations that will change the status quo and shape industries in the future. Pegged from the 15th to the 19th of November at Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel, the festival seeks to identify and celebrate daring young innovators that are rebuilding industries and cities, whilst educating the public on the role that technology can play in their lives. It is an action packed 5 days of exhibition, hackathons, street pitches, workshops, and breakaway sessions, as well as satellite events, held across the city of Bulawayo. With 40 talented speakers, 23 total workshops discussing over 35 important topics, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to be part of this megafest! Oh, a little birdy informed us that Big Time Strategic Group will be present throughout the event.

I know most are probably thinking this will be a gathering of the nerds and geeks lol. No, this is for everyone who loves tech or wants to learn about all things tech, which means everyone is invited because we interact with technology every minute of our lives yeah. It goes without saying that Bulawayo is the growth point of startups and innovative game changers. If you think #PitchNights were off the hook wait till you see what #TechFest has in store for you. The TechVillage never disappoints and they are ready to prove this from the 15th to the 19th of November. So if you’ve ever had any questions, ssuggestions curiosity, about tech, then this is your time. Head over to the #TechFest website for more information on what to expect and where to go. Tickets are now available for each event and to our online friends the social media hashtag is #TechFestZw (we apologize in advance for the #FOMO we’re about to induce). See you there 🙂