As we were discussing amazing Zimbos making strides in their various spheres of influence, one phenomenal lady was mentioned and everyone seemed to node their head in agreement. We wanted to know about her initiative and more so we looked for her and set up an interview. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Gamu!

Umthombo: Usually when we introduce creatives we leave out some important information, please introduce yourself.

Gamu: My full name is Gamuchirai Melissa Manyika. I am your One Stop Make up Artist for all your Photography, Model Portfolios, Bridal, and Fashion Shows make-up. I also do One on One Tutorials and Body Art.

UM: What was your ‘Aha’ moment when you knew that make up was your forte?

Gamu: I’d like to think it has always been there, nurtured over the years. I did art in high school, loved playing around with colours, blending, everything art!

UM: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Gamu: My inspiration comes from every single face I work on. We’re all different, it makes it more interesting and challenging with every encounter.

UM: Do you work alone or you have a team behind your brand?

Gamu: During the week I work alone, my team joins me on weekends when the work load is more hectic.

UM: Take us through your routines, both weekdays and weekends.

Gamu: Weekday usually starts 9am, catching up on paperwork, emails, social media, then comes the photoshoots, (usually catalogue) then meetings with brides to be, then more photoshoots, by then I’m checking the time it’s around 6pm

Weekends are the most hectic, day starts at 5am mostly, rushing to meet wedding appointments which are usually 3-4, then back to the office for make overs, meetings/ on one tutorials, check the time again it’s close to 6pm.

UM: We saw that most of your pics are of Samantha Musa (Misred) and most snaps were by Denzel Alpha photography. Are those you official partners?

Gamu: Misred is one of the faces of Make up by Gamu and Denzel is one of the most creative individuals I’ve worked with. It’s hard not to carry on working with such awesome talent!

UM: Which other photographers have you worked with?

Gamu: I hope I do not offend any if I do not list them, purely unintentional.  My day one would be Tswatswa Mutasa of Tswatography (I owe most of my work experience to him), Coaster Junta of Picturehub Photography,  Michelle Fortmann Photography , Elton of Optimass Art Photography,  Victor of Arty Events, Maleeka,  Chenesai of Pxel Photography,  Kat Films, Elwyn goodness the list is endless, let me get back to it…

UM: What has been your biggest moment as a make-up artist?

Gamu: Winning Make-Up Artist of the year award at the Zim Fashion week is one of my biggest moments!

UM: Wow, congrats on that Gamu. Now let’s go global, which International artists have you worked with?

Gamu: Still working on it, hopefully sooner than expected.

UM: We see you collaborating soon! How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

Gamu: I believe make up should have a natural touch to it, that should complement one’s natural beauty more than anything else. No two people are the same, how you do make up on one should not be exactly the same as the other, it’s all about doing what works best for them. That’s my signature look.

UM: Catchy. Last but not least, there has been a recent trend of skin bleaching, whats your take on it?

Gamu: It’s imperative to appreciate beauty that resonates from within, not what we see on the surface, but all the same it’s what makes you happy at the end of the day, who are we to judge?

UM: How can people get in touch with you for bookings and other stuff?

Gamu: My number is 0772443392, or email or my Facebook page Make Up by Gamu or Instagram @makeup_by_gamu

UM: Thanks Gamu for spending time with us. We hope to work with you in the near future, and all the best in your future endeavors.

Gamu: Thanks you for having me guys, it’s been my pleasure

PhotoCreds: Ba.Maka Photography

PhotoCreds: Ba.Maka Photography

PhotoCreds: Denzel Alpha photography

Denzel Alpha photography

PhotoCreds: TNash photography

PhotoCreds: TNash photography