A very familiar name if you are a fan of the Bulawayo arts scene and more recently the whole of Zimbabwe. I’ve watched so many creatives on the come up but I must say Maforty’s journey has been the most interesting probably because I was very close on the sidelines watching and taking note. If my memory serves me right one of his debut shows was the ZIMASSET 2 Million jokes back in 2015 under the Lol Entertainment banner. Maybe I should start by applauding Maforty for his genius idea and efforts of growing the Lol Entertainment brand from a Whatsapp group of spontaneous creatives to a reputable brand that hosts events and creatives from other countries. A few bustops I learnt from the funniest man in the country:

  1. Support structure

From the days of Lol Entertainment to the Maforty brand, I noticed a strong support structure across the board. On the stage may be one man holding one mic but back stage is an indestructible buttress supporting what we then applaud at the end of the day. I’d also add that he’s lucky to have quite the team that started off with him when he was still mapping out the dream for the future. A trace back as fas as 2015/16 on his facebook account you’ll notice a number of individuals he thanks, most which are still part of his team.

  1. Grow

Like I mentioned earlier Maforty and a few friends developed the Lol Entertainment brand from a Whatsapp group into what it is today. He saw the potential of the group participants and harnessed on that, which is exactly what he did with his career. He started off entertaining a few people online and social media platforms before gracing the stage at various occasions as an MC and eventually comedy. Just recently he incorporated comedy with music in aChristian art take over together with T1nda and Nceku, a unique initiative and first of its kind. Who knows where his foresight for the brand will take him next?

  1. Keep up

Let’s take a look at Maforty’s content and banter, a bulk of it is current affairs and satire meaning he is abreast with what is happening around him and the society. He then takes these issues and packages them into comedy in a way that in as much as you laugh, you’re also aware of his message andthe weight it carries, creating room for discussion even after the show is over.

  1. Adapt adapt adapt

Never be static or comfortable in your craft, plus (bonus) plan your next move in due time. Starting from social media groups throwing jokes around to family and friends who can relate to inside jokes and crossing over to national platforms is a huge leap requiring one to be ready. From performing in Bulawayo where a bulk of the crowd understands Ndebele to a bigger platform with Shona and English audience also needs preparation if you are to get a standing ovation. Go through Maforty’s Youtube channel and see his transition over the months and how he adapts to various stages and their audience.









At the beginning of the year I did write an article on creatives to look out for in 2018 and Maforty was on my list coz I had seen how he was slowly building something big. He has won a number of awards and hearts in the processing, further growing his brand. Moving on I’d love to see him invest on his visuals, this will help his social media mileage. Glad that he finally set up a youtube account among other social media platforms (you can literally count comedians with youtube and soundcloud accounts in Zim which is worrying). You can learn more from the funniest man himself, engage on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, very approachable. Also crack your ribs on his YouTube account, you can start here lol: