I have always wanted to write an article on something worthwhile, something that actually makes a difference. Couldn’t find inspiration though until I worked with the Project Qeqesha team. Now I know articles on topics such as women’s issues are supposed to be formal and serious. But I’m going to be a woman and personalize it 🙂

Growing up I think I would have loved it had someone come to our school (or to me personally) and tried to boost my confidence and teach me about self-esteem and body image and stuff like that. I would have appreciated it because I grew lacking all these things so that I could turn out to be a better woman in future. I’m not saying I turned out badly but all that could have saved me a whole lot of trouble. Allow me to use this space to shed light on a project that is doing exactly that for rural girls in Filabusi.

Project Qeqesha is a girl empowerment which aims at facilitating better access to female students through sustainable project initiation skills, facilitating access to sanitary wear as well as providing mentorship and career guidance platforms. Project Qeqesha’s first port of call was Filabusi High School where the program included the donation of reusable sanitary wear and construction of a chicken run to be managed by the girl Empowerment Club at the school. Having identified problems such as lack of sanitary wear as well as the disproportionate allocation of property based on gender, the project aimed at balancing the equation through the construction of the chicken run whose proceeds will go towards the advancements of the sanitary wear initiative. Having identified the lack of incentive to get educated amongst rural students, the mentorship and career guidance was also enacted at Filabusi high, where a curriculum was designed to incorporate issues such as body image and self-esteem, academic excellence, HIV/AIDS etc. Project Qeqesha partnered with organisations such as Lead Us Today, which came in to provide leadership training to the girls. Other partner organisations included MyPads Zimbabwe, the Rotaract Club of Matopos, the Youth Press Bureau as well as Higher Life Foundation.


Some of the recipients of the initiative

In light of the all the above I think project Qeqesha is the project to look out for and not only because I am also part of it but because it is the first step and illuminates the way for other people to then follow in its footsteps and take girl empowerment seriously. Rural girls are the most affected as they deal with way more than the average city girl. So this is a good project to follow and also try and get involved in so as to spread the girl empowerment programs to the rest of rural Zimbabwe.