I remember when artists like Frank Ocean, Adele, Sam Smith and Lil Wayne among others would make headlines for delaying the release of their albums and singles intentionally or otherwise. People would get all worked up because they would be yearning for some good music and bitterness with such delays is only reflex really. This almost always has a happy ending though since the anticipated product drops with so much sauce that you can’t help but appreciated the craft and understand the delay. This is without a doubt the case of Zim Afro-pop sensation Vinnie King who last night dropped his much anticipated track titled after Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa. The winner of the Best Album at the recently ended Matebeleland North Music Awards explained the delay of the drop:

Thing is I had done two tracks with the same title, a hip hop track and an afro pop one, so I had to send to Ruvheneko to sample both and choose the one she liked the most and she chose the Afro pop dance one which is the one that I dropped last night. I’m sorry for the wait but I’m sure you will love it!

He is right there, as soon as I put it up I fell in love with the song. It explored a different side of his preferred genre from the one we heard in his award winning album Born International. Before you even press play you will marvel at the immaculate art cover which is a symbol of elegance graced by Ruvheneko herself masterfully rendered in a red dress fitting flawlessly. In the song he starts by congratulating the Iron Lady for her ambition and achievements before he shows how he would love to have her in his life. The whole song goes on to celebrate Ruvheneko both as a business woman and a wife, applauding her achievements and showing how she’s a good example of a partner even approved by the artist’s mother.  It’s the kind of track you can play in your Altezza really or a chilled session at home. Without a doubt we should hear it making circulation on air locally and regionally because it has that Afro-pop feel that carters for a market wider than Zimbabwe. Produced by The Mulb and Rough Music at Zero DB Records, the track is a must listen and worth being added on your playlist for that random selection without pressing next. Personally I can’t wait to request it on local stations and vote it on chart shows. You can have a listen and download here, while at it do scroll up and check Born International, his award winning album and subscribe to the channel too.