I’m big on creative collaborations so you can imagine how ecstatic I was learning that we will be treated to a massive collaboration in Bulawayo this coming May. If there is anything that I feel is lacking in the city of Kings and Queens, it has to be meaningful creative collaborations: both within sectors and across such. Besides music collaborations (which are doing pretty well), we need to see collaborations among fashion designers, photographers, poets, film makers, graphic illustrators, etc, I believe this is a necessary step if we are to give investors, NGOs and the corporate world reason to tag along.

Having said this, I’m glad some Bulawayo creatives saw the need to work together in an exciting new project dubbed ‘FEMME,’ a fashion show by Litso. This fashion show is a creative collaboration between Litso, Early Entertainment and Rebel Film productions, which aren’t all new names in the game. In actuality, these labels house the first creatives I think of when Bulawayo and creatives are used in one sentence. The reason for this collaboration by the two award winning production houses is to fuse clothing and graphic illustration in telling a gender based violence narrative. The music of the day, which was specifically made for the occasion, will be catered for by Certified Records, an upcoming music records which is to look out for.

The fashion Show is pegged for the 5th of May at The Tech Village (2nd floor Kingdom building). If you need another name of a fashion designer to consider dressing you for the second installation of the Bulawayo Arts Awards, this is a show to attend. Besides the creative narrative, as a community we need to always come together and support initiatives that focus on gender based violence. Come through and support local creatives and in the process learn a thing or two. Tickets are only $5 each, more details to follow as we progress.