After all the hype over the weeks, Luminous finally dropped the #CantExplain video and I must say I’m impressed, he out did himself. The song had been buzzing throughout the month ever since it dropped and curiosity of how he’d work out the video was killing us. Finally he released the video earlier today (12 September) and this is what I picked.

Know how you can be friends with someone or be in a relation that makes you believe you’ve found a life partner, then from nowhere it turns sour? Instead of you cursing and doing some crazy stuff you move on but pray for the person and wish them the best in life. You can’t even explain why they left you or why you still feel the need to wish them well. This is how God’s grace works and basically what Luminous wanted us to see.

There is part where he says: “I hope this shows you a picture of Grace, how someone can ever hurt you but you still want them blessed… is it ok if I tell you I still pray for you, is it ok if I tell you I still care for you?”

Most of the times we love the idea of being with someone but aren’t ready to put in the required work, which also holds for Christian relationships with God. The idea of being a Christian is lovely but we neglect the work, which is where God’s grace comes in. So he was trying to paint the picture of grace and with the same brush sprinkle some personal therapy which turned out to be lessons. We see this kind of love portrayed in the book of Romans. The word play in this song fused with the visuals is just crazy!

The video was graced by the immaculate Mimie Tarukwana (wait till you listen to her music) and Directed by Nqabutho Frank Dube. I’ve come across some stuff from Nqabutho and I must say I’m impressed as he keeps surpassing his bar. There’s actually hope in the film industry. In the video you will see the two love birds oh so in love then drifting apart. Check out the video below, you won’t believe who took Luminous’ girl (with a lollipop and beads even).