This has been one of the toughest yet most exciting journeys I have had with any team. Working on a publication that will be scrutinized and compared to other publications means whatever you do has to be on point. This is the pressure we were under in the most recent issue of the untitled263 magazine. On top of that, the small team we have was going through a lot in their personal lives and so moral was generally low. Anyone who works for a publication will confirm just how tiring it is to ask for quotes or the return of interview questions responded to, we were not spared. I remember at some point I was prepared to introduce the idea that maybe we should skip this issue and focus on the next one  but I know that wasn’t going to end well. All this and more could have been reason enough to just leave all this to other people but thank God for the team I work with.

Everyone separated their personal problems from the work ahead and eventually we finished the issue. We are blessed to have an editor who knows when it’s time to shout and a time to speak calmly and share jokes. Another blessing is a PR manager who knows how to respond to inquiries about the release date, keeping people anticipating for the issue. A cherry on top is a graphics designer who will not let any idea go un executed despite it being out of this world or silly. Now group all these individuals in one room and what you have is magic. I’d be lying if I say I didn’t learn more from my team mates in the making of the 3rd issue than all the previous ones combined. Team work, patience, and communication are the top 3. This issue took the longest time to compile but because of the lessons learnt, I want to say it’s my personal favourite.

I know I am just an intern but Melody, Nyasha and Admire I owe you guys holiday tickets to a city with a beach lol. For such a small team we are actually doing great, I have no doubt we are stepping up our game with each issue. Oh before I forget, the designer pulled some really dope moves that I have never seen in any magazine as yet, check out pages 34 and 35. Lastly the back page is something we are experimenting also, look out for that this September.

Click here to read about what I am blubbering about lol. Happy reading.