First we saw the hashtag #BurgBoiz and promises that good music is on the way that will take us deep in the burg in 7 weeks or so. Of course we retweeted the tweets and commented yay, but honestly we were quite skeptical as such hypes have come and faded, yielding no fruits. Before you know it, the BurgBoiz hit us with Zoro in week 1, Asaph & Kingsley. Ok this is actually cool, the beat, bars, excellent execution. We are following the tag closely now, besides why wouldn’t we when Charlie Zimbo is on the beat? As we waited for week two to we see if we are going somewhere at all, the Zoro video dropped, courtesy of Cory and his Artline Filmz squad.

Enter week 2, Asaph and MH1 drop Ara Kani Jackets. MH1 on a verse? I remember tweets of amazement, coz most know him as a Dj. Like before, the video dropped. These two dropped conveniently when Ara Kani was flying the Zim flag way up in South Africa as a brand. So basically it was fashion meets music in one track, which wasn’t knew though because these two have done it before. Ara Kani and Shades of Grey are some of the biggest apparels in Zim and Asaph reminds us of this in almost every song and video. And oh, by this time the BurgBoiz have branded caps, cools ones too.

How about we take that rap and usher in some trap induced R’n’B? That’s week 3 for you. This time its Asaph and Yiso. We are still tryna figure out where Yiso was all this time coz his emergency can’t be ignored. Call us too ambitious for seeing some cut somewhere between Trey and Tiller but yeah, he got something going on definitely. Artline Filmz again on the video, simple yet well executed. MH1 comes again week 4 this time with Boi B for Shisha smoke. The lyrical magnitude in this track is sick! By week 4 you could definitely sense the takeover message, way deep in the burg! Yiso features again on week 5 in BUPTA. This time he opens the track with some trap before Asaph takes over. ‘I move the city like BUPTA…,’ goes the hook, announcing that they have taken over the city with the country being the next stop on their to do list.

Week 6 Yiso and MH1 take us up in the burg with Kronik on the beat. With each level you sense the elevation in execution. The video features oh so many familiar faces, from the Bulawayo Kings and Queens all the way to some Harare artists. Asaph and Boi B round up the project in week 7 with FADE. Observe what Asaph does at the end of this track (feel free to comment).

This whole project is a sure sign of the magnitude of the Hip Hop story so to speak with the Bulawayo narrative. When dedicated and talented artists come together, good music results. If this wasn’t a good enough warm for Kingsvilla 2 then I don’t know what is. Check out the videos of Deep in the Burg by the BurgBoiz here and also subscribe to their youtube channel. S/O to everyone who contributed to this project, this is just season one!