The hip Hop industry has been busy lately and I was interested in the female narrative now more than ever. Bulawayo is known for its femcees who emerge and disappear on scenes within a year or so. This time I had a chat with the gorgeous Latoya and I got to know her better, hopefully this femcee is here to stay considering that she’s young and determined. First, a lil introduction: Mildred Latoya Mpofu affectionately known in the music industry as Latoya or Loxion Diva is a twenty year old female rapper from Bulawayo. Only starting as a vocalist, she was introduced into the rap industry in May last year (2015). Being fairly new in the industry (three years), Latoya is determined to break barriers and leave a mark in the game, inspiring other young ladies out there.

I will say this out with boldness, YES I have started and I will stop at nothing. I will speak of my experiences in the game as I work on getting that crown and no matter how hard you try there will always be little ants trying to get you down and discourage you, but I won’t allow that.

Along the way Latoya talks of situations where she’s been discouraged and how she responds to hate:

When they hate on you it validates that you doing something good therefore overcoming such hate is quite easy actually, you just keep it real, do you. Above all do not take everything as it comes, filter some of the information and focus on what builds you. Challenges are what make life meaningful and overcoming them is even more fulfilling.

 Another thing I admire about Latoya is her fashion sense. She doesn’t confine herself to one particular style but enjoys being unpredictable and going with she feels fit at that particular time. She describes this as ‘keeping it sexy, clean and mind-blowing, just how Divas do.’ Latoya recently dropped a single titled Soz’wisa featuring the Luveve King Calvin and the most underrated rapper in the game GTi both from her squad Kontrol Tribe. Latoya promised to drop ‘Tell Me,’ a love song featuring Bulawayo based emcee Slim Pimp. Currently she’s focusing on singles and will work on an album sometime next year. Also next year she plans on growing Latoya as a brand and possibly penetrate the regional and International space.

Watch out for Latoya Eland in 2017, and to all my divas out there, keep it real and always slay, go the extra mile to get what you are passionate about. Nothing can stop you if you believe in God!